the sea of tranquility

Sea of Tranquility

The silence flows in around me
like the water filling in the empty spaces
of the river bed,
a quiet sound of water
gently playing
a rhythm against the shore.

Across the earth, I see
lacy tender green leaves
delicate and new,
transparent in the setting sun,
the faces and lives of friends
blossoming in their homes
around the world,
all are opening in my heart
like your flowering trees
of spring.

Your love is spreading
into infinite levels
of divine becoming,
making me cry for the depth
and beauty of the love
that wounds
and burns my soul.

Everything I behold is suddenly
an expression of you,
and everyone is spun from
the precious cells
of your body of light.

I am overcome by the richness
of colors,
by the countless layers
of silken petals,
by the smiles, the voices,
by your ethereal light
shining through their eyes.
The world
is a visual feast,
a heavenly banquet
of communion for the soul.

I receive the wine
from your own trembling palms,
and the bread of life
in all the sustaining ways
you offer your lifegiving spirit to us.

I perceive the face
I have longed to see,
an expanding sea of divinity
teeming with life
and intimacy,
as I feel you breathing me.

I hear the movement in the sounds
of the spinning stars,
the sizzling flames
in the glowing embers of my heart,
racing and beating faster
as I comprehend the vast reach
of your arms
encircling the universe.

I melt into the sea
of tranquility
to rest in you,
knowing you watch over
this turning world
you have made.

The love overwhelms,
engulfing the outer forms,
as a sweetness
permeates the air
with the scent of wild roses,
leaving me weeping softly
in the sheer grace
of being
in your presence.

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