a hidden life

a hidden life

What a rare privilege and grace
to see the world
from the divine veranda
of the beloved’s heart,
to live in the sheltering shade
of those eyelashes,
to gaze into the unknown
through eyes that light my way,
to be encircled by arms
that catch me when I fall.

What a gift it is to be aligned
with the rhythm
of a heart
that surrounds my own,
to feel the sighs
of the beloved
within my breathing.

I witness the forming
of living words
of love
being born in the womb
of my heart,
flowing through my pen.
Unless that energy
moves my hands and feet,
nothing moves.

I await the arrival,
ever poised and ready
for the stirring of the beloved,
who lives and moves my very life,
and when the wave comes,
I vanish gratefully
into the drowning beauty
of pure love.

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