Ever encircling light of love

Of all the treasures we seek in this world,
the heart hides the greatest secret
ever known or unknown,
ever found or never found
by the greatest expedition
looking for the richest oil,
for priceless jewels, or the purest gold,
by the bravest explorer
searching for the edge of the world,
or by the journey of those
who climb the highest mountains
to touch the sun.

The heart overrules the greatest kings,
who claim to be rulers
of all humankind.

There is a moment when we are
awakened at night
by an inner light that shines
from a hidden place
within the space of the heart.

A divine glow appears,
deep within an expanding cloud,
surrounding an intimate whisper
of a quiet breath of love
that washes away every word we say,
a dissolving beauty overwhelms,
and from that cosmic moment on,
nothing exists except love.

We are born for the moment
when love reveals
what we cannot steal
from a rising sun,
a moment when we cannot turn away
from One who creates
all that exists,
from lips that rival
every lover ever kissed,
from eyes that see
more than we can imagine
or begin to dream.

Our single act in this precious life
is a deep surrender,
a resounding yes
to the concealed caress
of a beloved
revealed to the heart alone.

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