an open heart

From my heart to yours and back again,
love travels an endless loop
of the beloved’s breath

An open heart

What is it that is in the revelation of the dawn
that draws us into the metaphor in a thousand different ways?
What is it in the night that draws us time and time again
into its mystery?
What is within the human heart that guides us into
the sound of a distant drum,
an intimate pulsation, a warmth without words,
something that came with us into this world
carrying some secret of life that we would never understand?
What draws us out into nature into its marvelous unfolding
whether we are there or not?

In this quiet presence to this great “unknowing” this morning,
it seems it is being open to this divine unknowing
that brings the wonder and joy to my life.

To feel alive is a great grace.

To be open to the mystery of the night,
to the light of the dawn,
to the curious and marvelous
deliberate beauty of nature,
to the wilderness guarding its secrets,
and to the human heart
sustaining my life with the sensual rhythm
of an intimate friend and companion
is to witness and experience a profound beauty
embedded deep within this existence
that guides each moment of each day as pure gift.

I greet this day with pure gratitude,
and as I do, all judgment and fear and sadness melts away
realizing that the night, the dawn, the sun,
the wind, the wilderness, the natural world, and the human heart
is available to every person ever born.

The benevolence of a quiet stream exceeds my hopes for renewal.
I feel the cup of my heart running over
with the beauty of it all.
As I breathe in the air around me,
I am aware of a life-giving energy in the atmosphere.
It is air that flows through time and centuries in a continuous stream
that cannot be divided or separated.
It is air that has moved through countless human beings and creatures
across this earth as they breathe to live, without distinction.
Unseen and unproven, this air sustains our lives
regardless of who we are.

I feel a sudden rush of energy
to meet this great presence breathing me,
like a great lover waiting for us to notice
the gifts of extraordinary beauty given freely in every moment.

My grateful heart has opened to love,
and every cell within me comes alive in a new way.

To love is to be touched by the grace of heaven.
Love is the great purifier
that elevates and exalts our lower natures
to rise and meet the beloved,
who has given us

photograph: Endless Falls
photograph: Enchanted Forest
Taken by Mark Adamus

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