Something enchantingly unknown
is calling to us,
a summoning silence,
and however it happens in each life,
it begins to rise within
the heart
that seeks the truth
of belovedness.

Hidden in every creative work
or creative act,
that truly comes
from the purity of the heart,
from the great reservoir
of the sea of the soul,
is a message from God,
from the creator,
from the ultimate divine lover,
from an inexpressible
essence of infinite names.

We can change the word,
and say this is a message from Love,
or a message from the Beloved,
or we can give it names
to personalize it,
which every religion,
and every gathering chooses
to share in their stories
of divine visitation,
of ecstatic sensation,
every impulse of beckoning creation,
offers this invitation
to revelation.

The point is…it is the point
where we meet God,
where God meets us,
where hearts surrender
into a melting point
of incomprehensible love
and breathtaking

The revelation of truth
that is meant for a particular heart
at a particular time
in a particular place becomes
a personal sharing,
and may not have meaning
for others,
a truth bound in the tresses of time.
which leaves tousled hair
and a witnessing to the path
each one follows in love.

My heart is a filter for what is true,
and I can only witness
to the Source
deep within my own unknowing,
which, for me, is consistently,

a beautifully loving, inclusive
compassionate presence,
a life-givine Source
that opens my vision
to see in wider and deeper ways
than I could ever do alone.

When the heart is opening,
it breaks open the inner senses to hear
what is suddenly, profoundly true,
and the fragrance of love
begins to spread everywhere
around us,
filling the room,
and needs the ever expanding space
of a universe to burst
into being!

Love captivates and illuminates
stimulates, pulsates,
and creates,
prances and romances,
takes chances,
enhances with glances
and dances into our hearts
with joy,
leaving us with new abilities,
capabilities, and

We know that however
this deepest love is guiding us
we must make room
for its demand to expand
to command,
to reprimand, to move
to a new land,
a life unplanned,
and we gratefully surrender
and make a stand
to take the hand of a greater love
than we can ever know
or understand.

We are thrillingly willing
to behold
this belovedness,
to watch it unfold
in every moment,
an hour of flowering power,
the story of a glory
of love
that cannot be told
or sold
for gold or coin.

This presence leaves a lingering essence
wherever it has been,
smiles a secret spreading smile
of light,
and whispers,
come, dear one,
enter into the heart
of this greatest of all possible loves,
and, we look around,
cast a last glance,
with eyes glowing,
and we go.

“gateway to eternity”