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A friend of the heart

June 22, 2010

Hafiz is a friend who sets me free
He makes me feel crazy and brave

We love to sit by the river
to talk to the birds and play in the light

He doesn’t do well entrapped in shrines
or staying inside on a heavenly day

We skip words across the water
and try to follow the lead
of the dancing rays of the sun

We leave our books on the bench
and breathe in the poetry of joy

We play catch with words
hang them from trees
and laugh at the sounds they make

We rhyme a bee with a tree and see
if the leaves of the tree will hum

We share the flowing wine of beauty
until we don’t know where we are
or how to get home anymore

He kisses my hair and blurts out
all the secrets of life
rhyming away the rules

He shows me a heaven
we can feel and touch

and then we remember the truth

that the wings of the dove
are sustained by Love

We hold out our arms like wings
and with soaring hearts
let Love take us Home

Come sit by the river and see

Whispering Nearness

June 20, 2010

What does it mean to be drunk with love?
Earthly wine leaves a headache behind,
and only lasts for a time,
steals the glow of morning
and makes us sleep
through the dawn……
while love
transforms the dregs
into divine wine,
bringing a blush to the sky
and beauty to the eye.

Come closer and whisper to me,
so I can feel the warmth
of the breath from your lips.

Lovers kiss in the moonlight
of the garden,
for when the light
is too bright
or voices too loud,
when words are empty sounds,
even the butterfly
seeks the tender
of a flower,
to sip
the sweetness
sheltered inside.

Let me sip the wine
of your joy,
rest near the softness
of your heart,
let me drown in love’s laughter,
and anoint you
with my tears.

Who is My Beloved

June 18, 2010

Who is My Beloved?
by Naomi

my Beloved emerges and arises
from within
divinely created moments
to surprise and startle me awake
from my human slumbering
talking to me in rumbling thunderstorms
in whirling winds washing away heat
from the parched surfaces
of wilting flowers and thirsty lips
rinsing the dust from the leaves
washing the windows of the world
with dancing raindrops of light
appearing in penetrating minds and insights
in discoveries of truth
spiritual arms of expanding love and open hands
that clasp my own

the waters of life clear away
whatever is confining brilliance
dissolving limitation
revealing flashing potential
beyond our knowing

my Beloved soothes my pain
drowns the empty noise
opens my hearing
and sings to me in a thousand bird songs
humming insects
blinking in a glowing firefly
reflecting gleaming light from flying fish
leaping from the sea
to glimpse the sky

my Beloved plays with words
rearranges meaning
creates new language
enlightens and brightens
with a laugh that shakes the world

my Beloved appears in a child
who wants to be held
blossoms in a flower that delights my eyes
peers through an owl outside my window
watching in the night
in a soaring hawk
a clumping elephant
a sleek panther
a clumsy pelican with a beak
full of fish
a wild mustang
a clucking chicken showing her chicks
how to scratch for food
or in an unfolding story told around a fire
flowing in a whispering stream
roaring in a rushing river
circling in a spinning planet
crawling in an ant
slowly building a mound of dirt
to make a home
peeking wonderingly
out of the soft petals
of the pinkness of a peony

my Beloved is omniscient and absolute
entertaining and stunning
beautiful and gangly
awkward and new
strange and familiar
compelling and thrilling

I am bewildered
blood stirring
heart racing
in love with such
endearing diversity and range
ever changing faces
circling me with tenderness
humbling me with scarcity
giving birth to a star
scattering seeds
across the universe
to give birth to more

I am enchanted by infinite love
by revelation
by the gift of creation
by strong arms
flashing eyes
filled with tears
with love that ever amazes
and opens my heart
in disarming and charming ways

my Beloved makes each moment new
sweeping me into feelings
I have never felt before
leaving me reeling and feeling
like a bride
of eternal life
laced with an enhancing
heavenly dance
creating a new story of love

the storm that awakened me
quiets into the sound of gentle raindrops
soothing and cradling me
to rest again as every drop
becomes a waking dream
that pools and expands
until the dawn breaks
flooding the valleys of my being
with endless beauty

There is nowhere where love is not

June 16, 2010

There is nowhere that Love
is not hidden
within what you think
you see.

There is nowhere that Love
is not waiting
to be born
within our hearts.

There is no darkness
that could ever conceal
the light
within forever.

The veil is fragile,
and we are easily unmasked
when Love appears
before us.

Align with Love alone,
and as your heart opens,
throw away
the key.

A Saving Love

June 12, 2010

In the midst of darkness
and unknowing,
the sudden flashing
of a great brightness,
a light like no other light,
reveals a lone figure
standing near,
someone with eyes seeing
into our hearts,
dissolving fear,
what we have tried
to forget.

An outstretched hand,
a gentle voice
that resonates
through the mountains
and valleys and skies,
invites us into love.

Kindness brings a flood
of cleansing tears,
a gratitude
for tenderness
and welcoming arms
that reach around the world.

We are gathered into a soft place
next to a sheltering heart
that welcomes us home
never asking
where we’ve been,
and all resistance
as we melt
into the beauty
of a magnificent love.


June 11, 2010

Follow that dancing fool!

June 8, 2010

I have been seeking
and reaching for words
all of my life,
chasing the light
hidden within flashes of beauty
that emanate
from the alluring mystery
of God.

The highest truth seemed
to be teasing
and coaxing and luring me on
toward the elusive secrets
swirling in delicate veils
of a desire to know.

Moments of blinding sun
obscured my seeing
and turned me inward
to a journey
of encountering
that sent me reeling….
falling and tumbling
into a humbling
experience of unknowing.

There is no more bewildering
ethers in this existence
than the emanations
of divine love
that surround one
falling into the vast oceanic
nature of God.

Everything is magnified
and multiplied
beyond words, beyond exclamations,
beyond lamentations
and confessions
of a helpless inadequacy
to describe!

No wonder we run and hide
and cry out and try
to deny what we cannot
grasp or control.
The poverty and helplessness
that exposes us
as a beggar
before the glorious radiance
of the light
of an invisible king
is not the elusive treasure
we imagined
we would find!

The joyful laughter of a dancing fool
drunk with the wine
of God
shatters our pretending
and leaves us
wandering in the skies
with a million eyes
beholding us with the glance
of the purest love
we will ever know.

The night strips of us of our illusions
and delusions
and leaves us naked
and uncovered before the mirror
of the moon,
as God wraps us
in the sweetness of forgiving grace,
the eternal embrace
of an ever expanding heart,
and we are home!

Wings of love and longing

June 5, 2010

When longing lures us from sleep
to follow the flutter of wings
playing around the heart,
a soft breath carries remembrance
of the long grateful sigh
of breaking free
from whatever binds
and confines
the wings of our souls.

We know on some
deep level,
that we are meant
for soaring.
Perhaps the birds are envoys
to kindle the flame
of remembering.

Captivity can leave
deep grooves
where the chains
we fashion
slowly wear away
our capacity for beauty.

We stop straining
toward the light
and begin to develop
a hunger
for bread alone.

The vision of flight
and the soft shores of silence
disappear into
some amusement ride,
a simulated reality
of forgotten
of the journey from
heart to heart to heart.

What calls us to chip away stone
to find a vision of light
hiding inside?
What summons us to the sea
to sail to the place
where the sky kneels
to touch
a distant shore?

What inspires us
to begin to create music
in tune with
the rhythmic beating
of the heart?

What lures a song
to form from a deep place
within our soul?

Who is the knight without
armor or sword
who comes
riding into the night
to remind us,
the secrets are not
in the moon,
but within our hearts?

It is Love that forever invites
and excites us,
daring us to dream,
to risk, to feel, to imagine,
to turn toward beauty,
toward the light of becoming
and the exalted flight
of freedom
beyond wings.

paintings by rassouli


June 1, 2010

The oasis of hope in this life
is the transparency
and beauty of the heart
that allows
the light to flow through us
to others.

Divine eyes are gazing
through our own,
a vision
that we cannot
see alone.

We are the curving riverbed
through which
love guides all flowing
to the infinite sea
of the beloved.

We fall into the stream
that turns the water into wine,
dissolving the form
that defines us,
and we surface in the light
beyond all light.

Transfigured by a deep
and lingering mystery,
we are anointed by tears
of tenderness,
freed to rise
in the mingling mist
of spirit
as the breath
of love.

painting by Rassouli