A friend of the heart

Hafiz is a friend who sets me free
He makes me feel crazy and brave

We love to sit by the river
to talk to the birds and play in the light

He doesn’t do well entrapped in shrines
or staying inside on a heavenly day

We skip words across the water
and try to follow the lead
of the dancing rays of the sun

We leave our books on the bench
and breathe in the poetry of joy

We play catch with words
hang them from trees
and laugh at the sounds they make

We rhyme a bee with a tree and see
if the leaves of the tree will hum

We share the flowing wine of beauty
until we don’t know where we are
or how to get home anymore

He kisses my hair and blurts out
all the secrets of life
rhyming away the rules

He shows me a heaven
we can feel and touch

and then we remember the truth

that the wings of the dove
are sustained by Love

We hold out our arms like wings
and with soaring hearts
let Love take us Home

Come sit by the river and see