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Mystery of the midnight sky

July 28, 2010

to become a moment
of divine breath
in a midnight sky
is to be touched by
the eternal
giftedness of God

Love song of the beloved

July 22, 2010

That vast
and endlessly expanding
Oh my Child,
Don’t you know
how near you are to me,
how intimately close?

Oh, my beautiful one ,
I am already holding you.
Let go of your sadness.
You are conceived
and expressed
through my Love ,
an Empowering Invisibility
that keeps you Free,
if you will only open your eyes
and your Heart
and your Mind and Soul
to my Presence,
you will realize
Iam giving you Everything,
spreading it at your feet,
and as you search the world
for your Home,
your Heart will know
you are already
forever in
My Loving Care.

Always Remember Me as Loving You.

hidden in the winds of loving

July 21, 2010

there is great joy
in the hiddenness of loving
and to feel the winds
in the breathing
of the soul

we do not fly
through the power of wings
but from the winds
of loving
that sustain our flight

the beauty of love
flows through
the sheltering spirit
of an unseen

light from the heart
an image in a dream
as a momentary
grace of love

a faceless beloved
lives forever
in a deeper vision
given only
to the heart

Sweet Surrender

July 16, 2010

Like waves breaking on the rocks,
of our resistance,
we are transformed
by the rising and falling
waters of life
into light.

The winds of love fling us,
like scattered diamonds
out upon the waters,
where we are carried
on the cresting fingers
of the sea,
pledged and surrendered
to the Beloved.

Once aligned with the eternal
rhythm of the heart,
we are set gently
upon the shore to share
the stories
of a new world.

Dance of Creative Freedom

July 15, 2010

If I am patient
and let my heart lead,
each word that appears
on the page,
flames out from the sparks
leaping within my heart.

The dance is choreographed
by the winds of love,
like the breeze of the mystics,
or the breath
of the Beloved,
to move in the swaying beauty
of invisibly moving music,
tossing and touching
and playing
with my hair.

Oh how could I name the lover
that leaps from my heart
and surrounds me
with the belovedness of life,
who surprises
me with an embrace
that expands the soul!

My mind has melted into colors
and light
and feelings that slip away
and vanish
if I reach out to touch them.

How do I allow this unknown spirit,
this hovering nearness,
to cradle my being
in a divine fusion
of beauty
that flees from form
and defies description!

Faith in Love has new meaning
as it opens its arms
to my heart.

There is no answer
to the bewildering mystery
that keeps me awake
to greet the dawn,
except to risk everything
and surrender
to the glorious Beloved,
veiled in the mist
of the enveloping cloud
of unknowing.

Wondrous Love

July 13, 2010

beloved one…..
surrender to me
empty your self of all else…
make room for me
allow my love to flow
through you

Come to me
with the innocence
of one reborn
in My Love…..

Open your heart
and feel me drawing you
to Myself….
to be with you…..
to love you……

Come to me…
enter the heart
and know me there…..
Run to the arms of Love…
awaken to my Presence
for I will fill your every need….
your secret longings…..
in a way that is perfect
for your heart and soul and mind…..
Spirit to spirit….
Soul to soul……
Mind to mind….
Heart to heart…..
and you will know Love

Surrender your secret
longings to me
for this is the path of union….

You are in the world,
but you do not belong to the world….
you belong to Love….
and Love always holds
you in perfect freedom……

Awaken and come
to the Well of My Heart
and be refreshed…..

Come to the Spring
ever flowing
to drink…..
to be renewed…..

Melt into these Arms
encircling you…
always welcoming you….
eager for you

I am your church
your temple
your cathedral
your refuge
your sanctuary
your home

I am your everything

Come rest
next to my Heart…
and enter
the house of Love

Come to me…..
and together
we will create a relationship
that only we will know

There is no thought
that you have that I do not hear….
share your tears……
your fears…
your laughter……
and your loneliness….
whatever you are feeling……
share your hunger to know me
to be known by me….
moment to moment to moment….

You were created
for this intimacy with me…

I created you
out of All that I am
to love you….
to share all that I create
with you….

Come to me
in the surrendering love
of all that you are….
and have ever been…

by Sadiq Alam

Dissolving into Love

July 8, 2010

Dissolving into Love

Like water rushing into water,
dissolving into the flow,
slowly I become the ocean
and am never again
seen as I was before.

In space where there is nothing
to reflect the light,
darkness is everywhere.
The light is cloaked by the night,
graciously hidden to
protect our sight.

When God draws close,
the radiance intensifies,
beyond our ability to bear the touch,
Love comes softly
as a comforting cloud.

We will see where God has been
as the seasons mark the passing spirit,
through the transformation
and the changing face
of the earth.

Within the cover of appearance,
the heart quietly sings the songs of love,
to summon us ever more
deeply into
the serenity of the soul.

All breathing is the breathing
of the One,
and All life is the expression
of the invisible and
infinite One.

Surrender into the Beloved
and discover the quintessence of love.
Be suspended in the
sweetness from
which we were formed.

July 4, 2010

the invisible wine of Love

Ahhhh…..the night is so filled with treasures….
every morning the dawn is sweeter
for my heart carries the secret
of a surrounding….

words are but a stumbling limitation…
like every form that reaches
to manifest the great mysterious presence
that emerges in the midnight blueness
of a night sky….
of the soul
with stars opening the way
to reveal a hint of the light
compressed within the vast expanse,
the moon smiles…
like the mona lisa of the sky…
hiding the mystery
of what is only revealed to the heart….

so we follow the clues of the ones
who have gone before us….
pointing the way….
hinting how to find the elusive dream
tracing symbols in the dust….
dropping rose petals…..
leaving only their craziness….
their ecstatic madness behind….
their incessant longing……
their stories……..the songs…..the dancing…..
the spinning….the vanishing….
and countless images of beauty
and bewilderment
at a loss to know how to share the mystery
of the transforming power of love….

we search for lovers…..
for the hearts so like our own
and only truly find them
hidden deep within our hearts
a sun of passionate fire………..
….a moon of eternal peace
glowing stars…….
openings for falling tears of light
……and following after
is a deep silence
only another silence can enter
the bliss
of all that is unspoken
swelling and filling us with beauty
that blurs the being

Reach for the illusion
and it dissolves in the hands…

Embracing in the heart
is where the sweetest essence lingers
long after the wine is gone

something lingers after the rain
that forms a rainbow
something lingers after the laughter
that forms an eternal smile
that no one can ever take away

Sacred ground

July 3, 2010

Come and enter the sacred ground
of all that is unknown within you.
Wander the pathless land
of those longings you harbor,
hidden in placelessness.
Feel the penetrating gaze of eyes
from a formless face
you cannot see.

Walk boldly to the edge of the light
where you stand before
a numinous darkness,
an intimate Presence,
a vibrant energy,
a radiant Spirit,
that does not appear
to your outer eyes.

Listen to what
is conveyed to you
in the silence
and absence of words.
Though you tremble
and feel the ground giving way
beneath you,
all you have ever been
or thought you were….

Attend to the beauty
opening in your presence,
and spreading
the fragrance of spring.
Be aware of Love rising
in your heart
like the morning sun
at dawn.

Receive this timeless beauty
drawing and attracting you
to explore dimensions
of an expanding and ever changing
garden of revelations,
waiting to spin loose
from your soul
and befriend your heart.

Gather with the infinite choices
greeting you with open arms
and dare to know the possibility
of the creative gift
of being free.

When you open to Love,
you discover those dear ones
you feel you have known forever,
emerging from the hidden light
of unknowing
into your life,
revealing the many faces
of the Beloved
alive in your heart.

painting by Rassouli

divine heart

July 1, 2010

O divine heart
cosmic womb of love
pulsing rhythm
eternal energy
spinning soul
axis of love
balancing beam of light
dancing ocean
ballet of the deep
flowing inner music
singing cells
changing form and faces
transforming wind
spiraling spirit
awakening grace
etheric beauty
caressing touch
divine breath
coursing through the earth
breathing our birth
portal to eternal love
heart of all hearts