Dissolving into Love

Dissolving into Love

Like water rushing into water,
dissolving into the flow,
slowly I become the ocean
and am never again
seen as I was before.

In space where there is nothing
to reflect the light,
darkness is everywhere.
The light is cloaked by the night,
graciously hidden to
protect our sight.

When God draws close,
the radiance intensifies,
beyond our ability to bear the touch,
Love comes softly
as a comforting cloud.

We will see where God has been
as the seasons mark the passing spirit,
through the transformation
and the changing face
of the earth.

Within the cover of appearance,
the heart quietly sings the songs of love,
to summon us ever more
deeply into
the serenity of the soul.

All breathing is the breathing
of the One,
and All life is the expression
of the invisible and
infinite One.

Surrender into the Beloved
and discover the quintessence of love.
Be suspended in the
sweetness from
which we were formed.