Dance of Creative Freedom

If I am patient
and let my heart lead,
each word that appears
on the page,
flames out from the sparks
leaping within my heart.

The dance is choreographed
by the winds of love,
like the breeze of the mystics,
or the breath
of the Beloved,
to move in the swaying beauty
of invisibly moving music,
tossing and touching
and playing
with my hair.

Oh how could I name the lover
that leaps from my heart
and surrounds me
with the belovedness of life,
who surprises
me with an embrace
that expands the soul!

My mind has melted into colors
and light
and feelings that slip away
and vanish
if I reach out to touch them.

How do I allow this unknown spirit,
this hovering nearness,
to cradle my being
in a divine fusion
of beauty
that flees from form
and defies description!

Faith in Love has new meaning
as it opens its arms
to my heart.

There is no answer
to the bewildering mystery
that keeps me awake
to greet the dawn,
except to risk everything
and surrender
to the glorious Beloved,
veiled in the mist
of the enveloping cloud
of unknowing.