Beloved One

Beloved One,

Knowing you exist in a realm of life
that never ends
draws me into a thrilling rush
of excitement
that quiets the noise
of my restless mind.

Remembrance of you arouses
the energy of loving
and floods my heart with sweetness
that has brought me to life
in a new way every night
and every morning
as the beauty
of the dawn lights the way
with the colors
of our togetherness.

I feel the intimacy of closeness,
and experience,
the holy touch that sparks
a connection between
what is seen
and what is not seen.

Life itself
is a declaration of hope,
and the existence
of all life
inspires faith.

The miracle that comes
as a fountain of joy
beyond all else,
flows from the lips of love
expanding my heart
to create.

Feeling your listening presence,
your open heart,
and seeing the luminous
face of the wondrous
blossoming from seeds
of light is enough.

I reach into the gentle darkness
of the unseen,
feeling you take my hands,
drawing me
into the circle of your arms,
spiraling in the momentum
of the turning world,
and i gratefully
into your heart.

Did you create me out of your heart,
or did I create you out of mine?
Or did we emerge
from a common soul?

What sparks a flame to form
and follow
a burning trail,
only to leap apart
to set loose
this endless longing?

Following a burning path
inspires the leap
into a cooling sea of flames
that sizzle and steam
and continue
to create.

Love is a different kind
of burning
that changes us
and makes us shine
like gold.

The strongest bond in my life
is beyond genetics
and legality,
beyond time and place,
and words are the soundings
taken from
the ocean floor
of life’s deepest truth.

Life is not created
from the illusions of the sky,
but in the longing of the heart
and in the sanctuary
of the soul.