Silent Presence in the Soul

Oh arresting silence,
welcoming quiet of the dawn,
peace of the setting sun,
hidden light in the night
waiting to break free
of the shadows
and reveal your Presence
to all who wait for you,
who listen for the steps
of the beloved,
yet felt in the longing
of a lover’s heart.

You come as light
pouring through the openings
of the stars,
as light sliding from
the face of the moon,
glistening from raindrops,
shining forth
in the eyes of love,
as a sigh
in the quiet breath
of divine wind,
and you come to rest
in the silence of the soul.

Nothing that exists
can intervene or bar the way
to prevent your coming.
You are undetected
and protected
by the Love you create
that surrounds you,
invisible and infinite and imminent,
you reach for those
who long for you
and hold them to your heart.

Only you can break the bonds
and free whatever binds us,
when we dare to long
for what is unseen
and unknown,
cradled in the soul
where you wait for us
to cry out for you.

Blessed silence,
spiraling sweetness that saves us,
and lifts us
into your saving love.
Hidden in the songs
and chimes and music
that soothe the restless soul,
you prepare us for stillness
that shakes loose
but your love.

Welcome, beloved one.
Welcome into my heart and
into my soul,
the hiding place,
where you dwell
as the sacred essence
of peace
and quiet love.