There is something…..someone….
so beyond me
so profoundly beautiful
who lifts my eyes to see
in the darkness…

a love that expands my heart
to moments of feeling
that i could not feel alone
or on my own

face to face with
how little i know or how
entangled i may become
in my littleness
i encounter
and experience
the presence of pure love

melt into
the astonishing greatness
of forgiveness
when i least deserve
or understand
its healing power

am touched by
true generosity of spirit
timeless winds sweeping us
one by one
into the hallowed
embrace of the soul

words become stars
angels glow in the grass
love flows from grace
and i die into the birthing
of the beloved

an infusion of infinite light
dissolves the darkness
and love transcends

spreading arms of fire
welcome a dawn
of deep silence
and union only known
in the heart