The Fire of the Beloved

“…For I, says the Lord…will be a wall of fire all around her, and I will be the glory in her midst.” [Zechariah 2:5]

We are an evolving matrix
of a creator
who is fashioning us
out of the expanding energy
of divine desire

We are sprouts of new life
stalks of reaching
green bursting through sinewy bark
uniqueness bursting through skin
light pouring through eyes
gazing at the beauty
created around us
music that sings
from a gratitude of being
a depth of flowering feeling
a surrendering lover
yielding to the beloved

We turn our mourning into dancing
soothe our sorrows
into sweet surprise
enter into the house
of the beloved
within us
who frees us to love
so we might feel the joy
and lightness
of it all

We close our eyes
and feel the presence
and nearness
of an unlimited beloved
and embrace
and feel the touch
of creative transformation
again and again
and again