soul love

Mmmmmmm….quiet….luminous darkness…………hot tea…
fingers touching letters……turning into whispered words
that fly from my fingertips into the night
……landing in gardens of glorious hearts where love
dances and writes soul messages in joyful patterns of light ….
on flowing water…..
winding through precious stones
polished by time….anointed by longing dreams
fluttering out of the shadows
making sweet kissing sounds along the shore

deliciously daring… feel wings spreading in my chest that fly free
when love opens a passage to the sky of the soul…
tender new blossoms falling
and covering the world with the caresses of love
on open hands…… touching faces
of longing ….looking up…
never knowing where the beauty came from….
never knowing they share
the sweet laughter of the secrets of lovers
wearing transparent robes
of moonlight
who know the way to freedom

wings of love heal many lifetimes of pain

oh lovers
run into open arms and press up close to hearts
that are no longer bound
by the limiting grip of fear
hear the heart rhythm in drumbeats
of passion for life
and the warm breath of lips blessed with the patience
of centuries
bringing something wonderful
into this present moment

when dawn begins to spread morning light across the gardens
the dreaming lovers find a quiet corner
to rest awhile
entwined in the arms of sensuous moments
savoring secret meetings
letting the day have its way with whatever needs to be
until the moon scatters love notes
written with moonbeams
that only lovers can feel and read
light that invites us into the freedom to play and love
with hearts growing larger and larger……….youthful wombs
pregnant with secrets
wanting to express the wondrous gifts
waiting for the night

heaven is formed in creating succulent tastes
glistening with the dew
of smiling lips
that feast on the sweetness of silvery skin
from soul to soul to soul

guardian angels witness the miracle
wishing they were human