Union of hearts

There is a mysterious gift
of divine life
hidden in the heart
that can only be given
by the beloved.

No one else can ever know
what God gives
to the lover,
who risks everything
to enter
the holy ground
of the source of all life.

The intimate sharing
that flows from heart to heart
in the chain of life,
anointed and protected
by divine law that issues from
the centering flow
of a river of fire
that only the Creator knows
how to ignite.

The flames arise from purity
of divine touch
that does not burn
or destroy
but leaps from longing
to create a circling stream
of beauty of infinite
and unknown beginnings.

Whoever would dare approach
the kingdom of Love
without the divine call
that summons one
to enter,
such a sacred heart
would be barred
by divine fire
and asked to reveal
the secret name
given by the beloved.

Heart to heart and soul to soul
two flames become one
in the revealed name
of a dancing flame
that has no opposing energy,
only a uniting freedom
that comes
through divine decree
that only the beloved
can open.

When the portal opens,
a silence falls over the garden
as the light of the beloved
takes an unseen bride
to dwell inside
the garden walls
of the heart,
and the way is prepared
by one who dared
to dream an impossible dream,
which only divine love could
make real enough
to truly feel.