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Love is creating my morning

October 30, 2010

Love is creating my morning
as I allow this expression
to move through me

Love awakens me
breathes me
and moves my being
to reflect the Beloved Creator
of All Life
now and always

I greet the dawn
in celebration
of the Presence
creating the day

The Beloved is Us

October 30, 2010

The man, the woman, The father, the mother, the daughter, the son, the child, the infant, and the holy spirit and I are All One, the divine and the ordinary, the human, and the non-human, the light and the dark, the wind and the breeze, the voice and the breath, the man and the woman, the heart and the mind, the soul and the spirit, the seeing and the seen, the lover and the loving and the power and the glory, the proud and the humble, the visible and the invisible, the seen and the unseen, the giving and receiving, the tears and the laughter, the beauty and the non-beauty, the peace and the non-peaceful, the presence and the non-presence, the felt and the untouchable, the unfelt, the friend and the friendless, the taste and the non-taste, the spoken and the unspoken, the love and the beloved are one, one in being, one in thought, one in the known and the unknown, the recognized and the unrecognized, the remembered and the unremembered, the single moment and the eternity, the earth and the sky, the stars and the darkness, the day and the night, the sun and the moon, and I are all One. The Creator and the Created are One. The Infinite and the finite are One. The ocean and the pond, the oasis and the desert are One, the king and the servant, the master and the slave, the God and Allah and Buddha and Krishna and Yahweh and the named and unnamed, Jesus and the Christ, the past and the future, the prophet, the oracle, the present moment, the visible and the invisible, the vastness and the smallness, the stillness and the non-still, the molecules and particles and the cells, the heart and soul and spirit, the mind and non-mind, the positive and the negative, the color and the colorless, the form and the formless, the sound and the silence, the stream and the river and the sea, the clouds and the cloudless, the imagined and the unimagined, the baptized and the unbaptized, the beginning and the ending, the circling and the spiraling, the tasteless and the delicious, the ecstatic and the apathetic, all are One beyond our knowing and our unknowing, our consciousness and unconsciousness, all are one in the Beloved….and in the the loved and the unloved the Beloved unites us All in the Oneness of the beloved one and the Beloved One.

Language cannot wrap itself around the Oneness that created it All, cannot corner its truth, or cannot prove or disprove or create or destroy the Oneness that moves all life and gives it countless faces and feelings and possibilities and impossibilities.
Nothing can separate us from the Love of the Beloved, nothing beneath the sun or beyond th sun. Love is the unifier, the vision, the source of all Sources, that which spring from which all springs flow.
Surrender into what continues to be created and what continues to love, and what continues to express the inexpressible…..
the name of all Names, and the nameless, the Mystery and the mystical and the mystic, the common and the uncommon, the ordinary and the extraordinary…………the rest and the unrest…..all are One in the Belovedness and Essence of the Beloved and you and I and ours.

Silent Song of Creation

October 23, 2010

how long i have waited
to feel you rise
out of the silence
to write your love
the walls
of my heart
and sing the silent
song of creation
that only
i have ears to hear

you gift me
with the dream
that leaps to life
in the depth
of the soul

i danced all night

October 19, 2010

thick, rich silence
filled with treasures
that can be opened one moment
at a time
filling the air with wonder
treasures that cannot be described
or shown

for revelations are exploding
like supernovas
in the
minefields of heaven

step lightly
walk on air
and use the clouds
like trampolines
to peek over the pinnacle
of the thunderheads
in your mind
brewing up a storm

a front row seat
for falling stars
and a drunken dancing moon
a laughing sun
and spinning frisbees
of light

someone is
creating constellations
of creatures
that catch them
on the fly

is anyone home
that wants to play

or is everyone
trying to act like
they know
something that someone
might want to buy

did you know you can
get tipsy
from morning dew
and its free

for love melts into
a mist
and tiny droplets
form in the morning breeze
when a flower opens
and a songbird
breaks into an aria
at dawn

you know it is quite
to be a dewaholic
than it is to need the kind
of stuff
that rearranges
the mind
and puts you back
to sleep

you know that song
i could have
danced all night

i am still dancing
at dawn

Silent Soul

October 13, 2010

There is a love that feels
a centering
spiraling in the soul
beyond the beauty
that we see
into unity

the touch of truth
that stirs and awakens
an indwelling depth
of integrity
arising in a wave
spreading into a sea
of tranquility

a peace that surpasses
all understanding
in an embracing
that slips quietly
into serenity

unfolding forever
in what is uncreated
and unknown
an unreachable union
in the mystery
of affinity

O sweet arrival
of the surrounding sky
making room
for boundless love
set free
ever expanding
into infinity

Fountain of Eternal Life

October 9, 2010

There is a new freedom
waiting for us
It is shaped and formed
in our dreams
and appears in the dawn
breaking forth
within our hearts
and minds and souls
spreading wings of spirit
to carry us to the shore
of the new world!

We light the fuse to set
the world ablaze
with love that will light the torch
of freedom for all to see.

Come beloved ones
and sculpt a world of love
with me!!

In the Gaze of the Beloved

October 6, 2010

Your gaze sees into my soul
sends my heart spinning

you are here before me

I am undone
melting in the fire
and dissolved
in the new wine
flowing between us

I am anointed and colored
by the light
in your eyes
me into union
with your heart

Companion of My Heart

October 3, 2010

Invisible beauty
revealing the light within
that makes itself known
in hidden ways
known only to my heart,
as the grace of your presence
expands and breaks through
the coverings
of earthly forms.

Our longing cries call you
to come to us
to appear
to comfort and ease
our aching remembrance
of your deep mystery
and playful spirit.

Mercifully, you come
and tenderly
you touch us
turning our longing
into the joyous spring
of life
flowing in you.