i danced all night

thick, rich silence
filled with treasures
that can be opened one moment
at a time
filling the air with wonder
treasures that cannot be described
or shown

for revelations are exploding
like supernovas
in the
minefields of heaven

step lightly
walk on air
and use the clouds
like trampolines
to peek over the pinnacle
of the thunderheads
in your mind
brewing up a storm

a front row seat
for falling stars
and a drunken dancing moon
a laughing sun
and spinning frisbees
of light

someone is
creating constellations
of creatures
that catch them
on the fly

is anyone home
that wants to play

or is everyone
trying to act like
they know
something that someone
might want to buy

did you know you can
get tipsy
from morning dew
and its free

for love melts into
a mist
and tiny droplets
form in the morning breeze
when a flower opens
and a songbird
breaks into an aria
at dawn

you know it is quite
to be a dewaholic
than it is to need the kind
of stuff
that rearranges
the mind
and puts you back
to sleep

you know that song
i could have
danced all night

i am still dancing
at dawn