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Who writes these words, I wonder?

November 28, 2010

Those who draw close to sit near us,
will dissolve in disappearance,
the melting away of appearance, as tears rise
in salty rainbows from lover’s eyes.

A glowing spring, so pure and clear,
breaks free, raining wine from wounds so dear,
pouring from a hidden place, turning tears
to laughter as a reigning crown of grace.

Beauty bids the soul to fly

November 27, 2010

I am seeking a carefree companion
and the finely tuned strings of a lute
to play this deep unending yearning
in the rising and falling tones of my heart.

The Breath of the Beloved

November 24, 2010

There is something called “the Mozart effect” that has a healing effect on whoever listens to and surrenders to the music, listening and opening to the beauty flowing within us and through us, like the music of Creation. It is beautiful when research comes together with that unexplainable something that makes us breathe easier, like the music that flowed through Mozart with his childlike surrender to the beauty…… that comes like the cloud of unknowing that enveloped Moses…………and like the night breeze that opens our hearts, like the singing nightingale that helps us remember the Creator that formed us. When we listen, we feel the flowing love from the Beloved One who envisioned us and loves us with a majestic Love, and we hear a personal whispering Love that awakens something deep within us that becomes a remembrance of the Heart out of which we arise.

It touches something in us that sparks a flame within our own souls that is not about reason, but about the Divine Love rising like the mist from the rivers and the oceanic beauty of Creation itself.

Energy from the earth sings through our feet when we are in love with our Creator, a Love that is flowing out to us us, flowing within us, a Love flowing in the translucent Spirit like the Vintage Wine from the Purest Heart.

A living Presence circles through us sharing the Love to show us how to Love, to release our own divine breathing that connects us to All Breathing.
We can breathe and feel the peace that passes all understanding within our being, and we receive the blessed assurance that comes from the Source of Life, comforting soothing, lifting us to feel Love in a way that is beyond what we could imagine alone.

We know in that sacred Presence that everything within us flows out into that embrace and gives us All we have ever needed to live, a Love that will sustain us in Life affirming grace that knows no beginning and no end.

It is more than the Mozart effect……………it is the effect of the Beloved coming alive within us, awakening us…………….it is the music of the tides, the rhythm of the Creator breathing within us…..the Beauty that humbles us and brings us to our knees……..and the Universe bows to its Presence…..
The Beloved is drawing us into the warmth and embrace of an empowering energy, sharing a Divine Generosity and Grace in a thousand ways each day, each moment, and we watch and listen and recognize the Coming and feel the tears and Joy of our own grateful hearts giving thanks for such sweet love.

Wellspring of Love

November 22, 2010

Beauty is stirring and brimming over
like a vineyard ready to yield the grapes
already glistening with wine
tempting lips to taste the sweetness
kissed by the warmth of the sun.

The light is dancing in the leaves
and playing with the greening shadows
in the grass, smiling patterns of laughter
as violets are turning their faces
to be touched by the sun.

Suddenly, the beloved sends an arrow
straight into my heart
and love comes rushing forth
to meet the beauty
that floods my being.

Silence sings with the sound
of streams of living water
pouring from the heart
of the earth glistening with
the beauty of the beloved.

Imaginal realm of the waking dream

November 19, 2010

Every star seems to open
a new dimension of light
in the white solitude
of night
when the moon sends me rushing
like streaming insight
spilling over
through a passage
into a timeless space
where mystics and dreamers
and lovers gather
when the world is quiet.

The heart knows the way home
harboring an awareness
beyond words
that only love can guide
an elusive treasure
hidden in trust
and faith
and sweet remembrance.

Every cell yields
to the breath
of the fragrance of love
caught on a breeze
a feathering softness that guides
the fullness of spirit
through a surrendering silence
into the intimacy
and beauty of the beloved.

Falling into a freshness of glory
in the light of dancing eyes
the joy of surprise
the welcoming warmth
of nearness so dear
so pure and clear
a spring of living water
flowing with new life.

Every heart has its secret dream
weaving centuries of longing
into a robe fashioned
from silken strands
of the soul
a sea of dissolving tears
and gentle laughter
a tenderness
unfolding in the presence
of a sheltering love.

Heaven is flight without wings
vision without eyes
divine innocence
the ethereal blossoming
of wonder
a new life of beauty
beyond words
rising on the breath
of belovedness.

visual image by Rassouli

In the light of the moon

November 17, 2010

Beneath the light of the moon and out of the silence that falls over the earth in these holy hours, I try and imagine the unlimited reach of God enfolding humanity in those great arms next to that great heart, and I lay open my own created being to the vision of those divine eyes that see us as we truly are.
I open to hearing the voices and murmuring of millions. I open to listening to all the prayers, the heartbreak and to hear the shouting of all of the fears and anger and judgment of those who try and resist a Love that crosses all boundaries and melts all that is less than Love.
I can envision the spark in every heart….and feel the breath of love that causes it to burst into flame….that flickering eternal flame that clears the way for Love that can never be turned away….Love that outlasts every protest every judgment, every protest, every denial, and yet, continues to wait with open arms for us to surrender to eyes that see us as beautiful and precious and as a vital part of the great Love out of which we have come.

There is no name that can hold the compassion and inclusiveness of the Presence which embraces us all, but for me, the name of Beloved comes the closest, for it allows us to experience belovedness as the dream forming in our hearts of the truest reality of who or what that Love would be for each one of us.

How would we hope in our heart of hearts that we might be welcomed and loved by another, and suddenly find ourselves in a loving shelter that included all other hearts?

I feel the embrace of such a Beloved, and I feel humanity there with me, loved beyond imagining for who they are. Open your hearts, free your spirits to surrender to the Belovedness that is expanding eternally, and feel the glow that surrounds you in the sacred space of wherever you are, in this holy moment of awareness. I feel and witness to experiencing the great power of this truth in my own heart. It spills over in this precious silence, brimming over, running out, in streams of life-giving Love to everyone.

Vision by Rassouli

Messages of Light

November 15, 2010

The night sky is filled with stars….openings of light, writing messages on the sky, leaving trails of stardust and colors, against the midnight blue color of mystery, as the light of dawn slowly peeks over the horizon…..and the whispering of love is heard and felt in a touchable way….as the reflection of the face of the Hidden One lights our world, a Presence, which will never fully be told, because it comes in the expanding light of forever. The companion we dream about is with us now, always has been, ever will be and we are slowly awakening to the wonder and profound beauty of such a Creator and Friend.
Sending you the energy of love to dance in the circling galaxy of lovers from my sanctuary to yours.

An inexhaustible love

November 13, 2010

Everywhere I turn,
I meet the faces
of your inexhaustible love,
greeting me with eyes
alight with the reflection
of your beloved glance.

I see the beauty of hearts
quickened by your presence,
lives surrendered
to your guiding grace
bewildered in the mystery
of your touch
that comes so gently
so unexpectedly
hidden in the breath
of your divine

Every day is a love song
rising from the soul
like the muted sounds
of the harp
singing softly
from within the beauty
surrounding my life.

Everything is but a veil
for the glowing eyes
of the beloved
gazing through us,
the sea of serenity
in which we live
and move and have
our being.

An expanding silence

November 9, 2010

There is a moment
when love
exceeds our power
to speak
its deepest reality.

We meet the moment
with faith
in what is unseen
and unspoken
and feel the message
hidden in silence
making itself known in ways
that embrace our hidden senses.

The heart feels
the stream of pure love
flowing forth from a spring
that has opened
out of the soul
to touch the center
of the cells
encircling the secrets
of life.

The beloved whispers
a dream
to the lover
breathing life upon
each face calling
them all awake
to wander in the garden
of eternal spring
in the beauty and love
of the heart.

Only the vibrations
of the life-giving energy
of the beloved
bring remembrance
and recognition of a distant
memory drawing near
whispering in intimacy
and truth

Only the lover can know
the beloved
in the deepest sense
of one who knows
the way home
to the soul
from which it comes.

Spirits touch beyond
the words of our knowing
lighting the flame
of foreverness
casting a glow
that summons the future
to circle and open
to the sharing of a moment
of an expanding silence.

Anointed by Love

November 3, 2010