An expanding silence

There is a moment
when love
exceeds our power
to speak
its deepest reality.

We meet the moment
with faith
in what is unseen
and unspoken
and feel the message
hidden in silence
making itself known in ways
that embrace our hidden senses.

The heart feels
the stream of pure love
flowing forth from a spring
that has opened
out of the soul
to touch the center
of the cells
encircling the secrets
of life.

The beloved whispers
a dream
to the lover
breathing life upon
each face calling
them all awake
to wander in the garden
of eternal spring
in the beauty and love
of the heart.

Only the vibrations
of the life-giving energy
of the beloved
bring remembrance
and recognition of a distant
memory drawing near
whispering in intimacy
and truth

Only the lover can know
the beloved
in the deepest sense
of one who knows
the way home
to the soul
from which it comes.

Spirits touch beyond
the words of our knowing
lighting the flame
of foreverness
casting a glow
that summons the future
to circle and open
to the sharing of a moment
of an expanding silence.