Imaginal realm of the waking dream

Every star seems to open
a new dimension of light
in the white solitude
of night
when the moon sends me rushing
like streaming insight
spilling over
through a passage
into a timeless space
where mystics and dreamers
and lovers gather
when the world is quiet.

The heart knows the way home
harboring an awareness
beyond words
that only love can guide
an elusive treasure
hidden in trust
and faith
and sweet remembrance.

Every cell yields
to the breath
of the fragrance of love
caught on a breeze
a feathering softness that guides
the fullness of spirit
through a surrendering silence
into the intimacy
and beauty of the beloved.

Falling into a freshness of glory
in the light of dancing eyes
the joy of surprise
the welcoming warmth
of nearness so dear
so pure and clear
a spring of living water
flowing with new life.

Every heart has its secret dream
weaving centuries of longing
into a robe fashioned
from silken strands
of the soul
a sea of dissolving tears
and gentle laughter
a tenderness
unfolding in the presence
of a sheltering love.

Heaven is flight without wings
vision without eyes
divine innocence
the ethereal blossoming
of wonder
a new life of beauty
beyond words
rising on the breath
of belovedness.

visual image by Rassouli

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