The Breath of the Beloved

There is something called “the Mozart effect” that has a healing effect on whoever listens to and surrenders to the music, listening and opening to the beauty flowing within us and through us, like the music of Creation. It is beautiful when research comes together with that unexplainable something that makes us breathe easier, like the music that flowed through Mozart with his childlike surrender to the beauty…… that comes like the cloud of unknowing that enveloped Moses…………and like the night breeze that opens our hearts, like the singing nightingale that helps us remember the Creator that formed us. When we listen, we feel the flowing love from the Beloved One who envisioned us and loves us with a majestic Love, and we hear a personal whispering Love that awakens something deep within us that becomes a remembrance of the Heart out of which we arise.

It touches something in us that sparks a flame within our own souls that is not about reason, but about the Divine Love rising like the mist from the rivers and the oceanic beauty of Creation itself.

Energy from the earth sings through our feet when we are in love with our Creator, a Love that is flowing out to us us, flowing within us, a Love flowing in the translucent Spirit like the Vintage Wine from the Purest Heart.

A living Presence circles through us sharing the Love to show us how to Love, to release our own divine breathing that connects us to All Breathing.
We can breathe and feel the peace that passes all understanding within our being, and we receive the blessed assurance that comes from the Source of Life, comforting soothing, lifting us to feel Love in a way that is beyond what we could imagine alone.

We know in that sacred Presence that everything within us flows out into that embrace and gives us All we have ever needed to live, a Love that will sustain us in Life affirming grace that knows no beginning and no end.

It is more than the Mozart effect……………it is the effect of the Beloved coming alive within us, awakening us…………….it is the music of the tides, the rhythm of the Creator breathing within us…..the Beauty that humbles us and brings us to our knees……..and the Universe bows to its Presence…..
The Beloved is drawing us into the warmth and embrace of an empowering energy, sharing a Divine Generosity and Grace in a thousand ways each day, each moment, and we watch and listen and recognize the Coming and feel the tears and Joy of our own grateful hearts giving thanks for such sweet love.