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the reigning moon

December 29, 2010

the showering light of our love brings the dawn

there are flights of wonder given only
in the glowing flow of falling light
laced with secrets that create
and illuminate the night
known by grace alone
through the glance
and dance of
a beloved’s

painting by rassouli

golden tides of the beloved

December 28, 2010

the tides
of my love
have risen so high
let me flood over you
and surround you


the light of joy

December 27, 2010

The mystery of the unannounced
and unplanned
holds something
far more wonderful
and new if we are awake to it.

I love a blank page, an open sky,
an open heart and soul……….
a sudden pouring out
of the radiance of light,
the rising love that transforms
everything we look upon….

I love the night and the silence
and these quiet moments….
cannot sleep in this wondrous realm
of possibility!
Awake and aware of seeds opening,
stars being born,
something being created
at this very moment…

Life is creating and giving presence
to the act of creation,
……to feel Love rising from the heart,
to see how light rushes to illuminate
and reflect the Love…
and beauty is in the experience of it……….
in the feeling of it…………
and in the beholding of it!

Something hidden has awakened forever
and will never sleep again
and Joy is in the birth of the unknown presenting itself…..
restless to reveal something so new….
to share it….
and make us gasp with wonder.

The creator doesn’t know what it will be
until it appears……..
the heart doesn’t know…..
we only know the
stirring movement….
the inner longing…..
the beauty of desiring
the energy of life seeking itself…..
for the dance of beholding is the glorious way
of life with the beloved!

O Love….I am made of particles….
each holding the potential of giving birth to You
…..Overflowing fountains of silvery light
sliding from the moon of your face
to give light to our nights….
and the golden light of the sun of your soul
… streaming out in every direction
to give light to our days!

Wondrous truth of love
is the hidden glory
ever unfolding and revealing itself!!

painting by rassouli

Love is falling into snow

December 24, 2010

Love is falling into snow

The Beloved covered
my courtyard
with new snow in the night,
soft, silent glowing whiteness
of overwhelming beauty.

I am swept into beholding,
drawn to the window by a gentle
unseen hand
to see this crystallized
sanctuary of stillness
and am
moved to tears by the vision
of this transformation
changing the face
of love
from the night before.

A voice whispers to me from a space
within my soul,

O beloved one,
I am new for you this morning,
spreading snowflakes
of light
before your eyes,
so you will know
I am in your heart, and still
I sweep my hand
in an arc
to change the sky and land
for the pleasure
of your eyes.

Sometimes, when I create,
it is hard to wait
for you to open your eyes
and awaken,
so I reach through time
and take your hand
drawing you slowly from your sleep
to show you
that beauty is not a dream,
but a reality beyond
the words.

O my dearest one,
it is Love that makes it so.

I circle your resting place,
watching over you,
rearrange your covers,
into the flow of your breathing
and caress your hair,
whisper love secrets
in your ear
to see you smile in your sleep.

I love the delight in your eyes
when you see the snow
and the light
spreading morning
across the sky.
I hear your quiet thank you
for the beauty
and you see snowflakes melting
my tears upon
your window pane.

Your love inspires me to create
what I have never
done before
to please you,
and suddenly, you are
murmuring words of love
knowing I am there
so near to you.

I am ageless and formless
but feel the throbbing heart of a lover
when you whisper to me
with the certainty
of faith
that I will hear.

I spiral to the moon and back
to feel your love.
I send rays of the sun
to spark the fire
of warm desire within you.

Loving you is the sweet
incentive to save
the earth and heal the wounds
of neglect
hoping all will awaken soon
to realize the paradise
that love allows
for lovers arising from
my welcoming soul.

A beloved of infinite stars

December 21, 2010

O Beloved
there are secrets in the dawn
flooding us
with light from your
endearing face

wondrous revelations
indescribable sensations
flashing visions of creations
drawing exclamations
of delight

as we see through dancing
stars of love
hidden in the light
pouring through our eyes
flooding our sight
making way for a streaming
showering us
in screaming joy
without a sound

there are precious moments
when dawn comes
in the night
and darkness
is a landscape for light
to write upon the womb
in which we dwell
and stir
and move
and have our being

we are particles in the spirit
of a beloved
giving us birth and a chance
to become real
to feel
what no one has ever felt

in a heart
formed from the One
who flows and overflows
with brimming love
that can never ever be contained
by anything or anyone
from now to forever
in a silvery sequence
of moments

we are each one of us
a star
shining toward life
each a lover
bringing presence
to be near
the sweetness of the breath
of innocence issuing forth
from a longing heart

bursting forth in beauty
suspended by delicate strands
of divine caresses
floating free
like waves
of the silken sound
of laughter
from our hearts

we are expressions of creation
ideation of brilliance
descending and ascending
far beyond the mind
of anything we might assume
for even a foolish moment
that is wisdom we could ever
call our own

for creation is born from a womb
that contains us all
a womb that only love can enter
to find the freedom
that only love can give

star seeds of light
are drawn
into an embrace
of bewildering
and life-giving joy
loosening all that binds us
to smallness and illusion
setting us free to soar
and fly beyond our notion of wings
into the tender and gentle
sweetness and nearness
of infinite love lifting us
to lips that anoint
us with the flowing light
of stars

Our only trace is light flung
into the sky from ecstasy
of the beloved
that leaves a testament of splendor
that no one can reach
scattering star seeds everywhere
to create again and again
and again and again
slipping from the smiling lips
that laugh and love
us into life

Feathering edge of divine breath

December 20, 2010

The feathering edge
of divine breath
is the bridge
the connection
the lightness
of love
our hearts
and souls
and spirits
where we meet
the mystery
of all life
illumined by the light
and reflections
through which we
are created
and given birth
moment by
by precious


Image and design

The gift

December 14, 2010

May the light of love
be born in our hearts every day,
every moment,
in some new way
that brings the awakening,
the remembrance,
the recognition,
and the creation of new life.

Love is the gift,
the presence,
the welcoming,
and the embrace
that reveals the soul
of the beloved
within each one of us.

May we know each other
in that belovedness
and belonging.

A different kind of dreaming

December 8, 2010

Come quietly into the passageway
artists have painted
a hundred times,
and enter the threshold
that goes deeper into the sanctuary
than we ever knew
as it spreads out
across a midnight blue sky
that lets us wander in visions of openings

hidden doorways….clues…..signs……gateways…..pathways
gardens of ethereal dust
glittering with jewels and gems
fashioned into stars
that lead us to the sparkling soul
within the layers
of silken petals
and circling rhythms

the master of love awakens
with a different kind of touching
in the sensual warmth
of veils
and fleecy softness
of dreams coming alive
and the creative journey of a different
kind of ascension
than theology supposes…..

poetry is not playing word games
but a flowing action of love
a vintage wine
in the cupped hands of heart longings
moistening the lips
with silent dew that won’t
offend the ears
with endless details that deaden
the thousands of feelings
waiting to be felt

except for living words
that slide down like paint
from the inner walls
of intimacy
colors of sweet harmonizing
dancing intuition
and celestial recognition

the world is drowning in sound
saying nothing
but now is the moment
we can slip through that hidden entry
into the winehouse
of the open sky of the soul

the ascending lover
knows the way lifted
by longings
beyond mountainous nebulas
through the silence
of dying stars
immortalized by a requiem mass
of a dreaming Mozart
while new ones are being born
painting the way
with bursting fireworks
of cosmic play

come into the arias
of unseen music
dancing on the misty formations
strung out like cirrus citadels of waking dreams
creating beauty
to wander in visions
only lovers see

the door is open

December 6, 2010

What is unconditional trust
and faith in what is still unknown

what is yielding to a creator
that sees each moment as a chance to create

what is it to face the impossible
as surprise that suddenly becomes possible

what is it to be drawn to beauty
through pain of what is so hard to see and feel

what brings us to our knees
leaving us speechless and silent

what is it to be transparent
and listening to what is not being said

what happens when light arrives
and everything dims before the beloved

perhaps it is unanswered prayer
that keeps us awake for love’s coming

Inner Light of Vision

December 1, 2010

When the light of divine love
permeates your heart and soul,
I swear, you will be more
radiant than the sun.

Drown in the sea of God
for a moment, and see
how the waters of the seven seas
will not harm you.

From head to toe,
you will become the light of God,
when you surrender your self
to divine glory.

When divine grace
becomes the focus of your gaze,
you will be exalted
by the inner light of your vision.