A different kind of dreaming

Come quietly into the passageway
artists have painted
a hundred times,
and enter the threshold
that goes deeper into the sanctuary
than we ever knew
as it spreads out
across a midnight blue sky
that lets us wander in visions of openings

hidden doorways….clues…..signs……gateways…..pathways
gardens of ethereal dust
glittering with jewels and gems
fashioned into stars
that lead us to the sparkling soul
within the layers
of silken petals
and circling rhythms

the master of love awakens
with a different kind of touching
in the sensual warmth
of veils
and fleecy softness
of dreams coming alive
and the creative journey of a different
kind of ascension
than theology supposes…..

poetry is not playing word games
but a flowing action of love
a vintage wine
in the cupped hands of heart longings
moistening the lips
with silent dew that won’t
offend the ears
with endless details that deaden
the thousands of feelings
waiting to be felt

except for living words
that slide down like paint
from the inner walls
of intimacy
colors of sweet harmonizing
dancing intuition
and celestial recognition

the world is drowning in sound
saying nothing
but now is the moment
we can slip through that hidden entry
into the winehouse
of the open sky of the soul

the ascending lover
knows the way lifted
by longings
beyond mountainous nebulas
through the silence
of dying stars
immortalized by a requiem mass
of a dreaming Mozart
while new ones are being born
painting the way
with bursting fireworks
of cosmic play

come into the arias
of unseen music
dancing on the misty formations
strung out like cirrus citadels of waking dreams
creating beauty
to wander in visions
only lovers see

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