the light of joy

The mystery of the unannounced
and unplanned
holds something
far more wonderful
and new if we are awake to it.

I love a blank page, an open sky,
an open heart and soul……….
a sudden pouring out
of the radiance of light,
the rising love that transforms
everything we look upon….

I love the night and the silence
and these quiet moments….
cannot sleep in this wondrous realm
of possibility!
Awake and aware of seeds opening,
stars being born,
something being created
at this very moment…

Life is creating and giving presence
to the act of creation,
……to feel Love rising from the heart,
to see how light rushes to illuminate
and reflect the Love…
and beauty is in the experience of it……….
in the feeling of it…………
and in the beholding of it!

Something hidden has awakened forever
and will never sleep again
and Joy is in the birth of the unknown presenting itself…..
restless to reveal something so new….
to share it….
and make us gasp with wonder.

The creator doesn’t know what it will be
until it appears……..
the heart doesn’t know…..
we only know the
stirring movement….
the inner longing…..
the beauty of desiring
the energy of life seeking itself…..
for the dance of beholding is the glorious way
of life with the beloved!

O Love….I am made of particles….
each holding the potential of giving birth to You
…..Overflowing fountains of silvery light
sliding from the moon of your face
to give light to our nights….
and the golden light of the sun of your soul
… streaming out in every direction
to give light to our days!

Wondrous truth of love
is the hidden glory
ever unfolding and revealing itself!!

painting by rassouli

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