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the divine kiss

January 27, 2011

in the water of life
the ocean of God brings
the light to the shore of our being

Empowering flow of love

January 27, 2011

words feel too small for the flow
of what sustains my life
except as a symbol
of what guides the journey

the deeper concepts of all that moves
beneath the surface of things
are truths
infused silently
beyond images or words
only felt by following a path
through the heart
to the soul
surrendering to the silent light
shining radiantly
from love so true
so profound
it can only be glimpsed
in the swirling glow
of union

Sweet spring of Life

January 25, 2011

And we will see where the Beloved has been…..

Night Lights

January 22, 2011

Loving the mystery of the night sky
and the silence of the hours
before dawn
I draw back the curtains
and let the beams
of starlight
fill my rooms

Perhaps every person
has a star
that sends a ray of light
to melt what seems
like a distance
between the skies
and earth

A smiling moon softens
the light years
of feeling
that showers us
with centuries
too soon forgotten

A nightingale outside
my window
sings of remembered
and a constellation
of roses appears
in the sky

Love can turn night
into morning
and melt winter
into spring
and spin the light
into a necklace
of stars

When the night lights
come on
and the stars
begin to spin
the secrets of love
start dancing
in our hearts

The never-ending wonder of God

January 20, 2011

There is far more love on earth
and in heaven
than we have dreamed
or thought or felt
or perceived or imagined….
or that we shall ever know….
and it is a great comfort to me
to touch a moment or share a glimpse
of each new unfolding wonder

….speaking words into being………….
recognizing the patterns of the divinity
of words and numbers and forms……..
and the balancing of all things in creation…..
leaving clues everywhere
to discover
where the creator has been….
nowhere more wonderfully than
within our selves.

If we truly look and see
and hear and touch and taste and feel….
and gaze and behold
and ponder what is around us……………
we would be stricken with silence and awe……..
in the beholding of it…………
in the miracle of each moment….
the beauty……..the balance……
the precision…….the intricacy…the power….
the delicacy…….the perspective
and the continuing revelation of a world…..
a universe…..a dimension….
a sky filled with
the trail of a creator
that is incomprehensible….
and yet so tenderly intimate
in the ways we are invited
to become a part of the miracle of life
and vision unfolding
in the light and illuminating presence of a love
that surrounds and receives
and heals and makes everything new
in a flash…..
i feel more than i could ever express….

surrendering is my loving response….
how blessed we are
in countless and infinitely new ways
how perfectly blessed
and challenged
is this existence
as we are continuously invited to flow
in the unfolding of each new day
and present moment
of beauty and novelty and humor and laughter…..
pouring out and covering the earth
with wondrous and ever evolving forms
and feelings and truths of life

whatever we do
and however we respond
an expanding love
is our creative and surrendering response
to the gracious gift
of a beloved that is always
more than we know

i sigh and savor it all…….
and sing and smile and bask
in the music of the spheres
in the divine light of the creator
who so generously allows us
to share in it all

i am welcoming the dawn
being created within us
which soon will color the sky
with generosity and beauty yet unseen

our marvelous mystics
smuggled the truth of the treasures
into timelessness and placelessness
to reach our hearts
and the cup is filled and overflowing
as we drink
the light of love with them

Who are you creating?

January 16, 2011

Deep within us are the clues and codes
of the desires of our heart

the beauty of soul

the beloved that we long to know

we weep over the beloved
that lovers see
we long and pray
and cry out to discover
the one whose glance
will know and embrace all that we are
sweep us into the heightened
life of love beyond
the limits of self

when the light of the infinite
surrounds us
however it comes
we melt into the mystery
of forgetting
our endless seeking
and see beauty everywhere

lovers are the luckiest fools
that walk the earth
for heaven opens with every step
with every touch
and suddenly their wings
grace the skies
of the soul

words pour like wine
from lips
that offer a kiss
in every breath
and open arms feel
the reach that encircles
the world

the sacred heart expands
to know that
every human heart
a lover longs to be free
to unfold and reveal the face
and form of the infinite beloved
that dwells within

creation falls around lovers
like a waterfall
showering rainbows
on the world

love rises in intensity
and then rests and dreams
arising again
to run
into the outstretched
arms of dawn
to discover how love will create
and express them
in this precious moment
of morning

Warrior of Light

January 15, 2011

Love may come quietly
like the fog
or as a sudden bolt of lightning
in a flash
or as a hidden dance
behind rippling veils
of beauty
as the pure sound of a flute
in the wind
or in a face we have long forgotten

Love may appear
in the child we protect within us
or in the dream of a mother
who turned us away
or one who refused to set us free

Love may be like the lover
sent to prepare the way
for the beloved

Love will rarely come as we expect
which may mean
rudely breaking down doors
refusing to knock
whisking us from our routines
and tearing away
our carefully conceived
hiding places
leaving us exposed
to the beloved’s gaze

The warrior of love carries a sword
that penetrates all barriers
traveling at the speed of light
may come at dawn
or midnight
and slip into your heart
when you gasp
with secret delight

Longing for the beloved
is a dangerous game
that will strip your name
bar your fame
bewilder you with surprise
kiss the streaming tears
from your eyes
and never leave a trace
of where or who
you once were

O that you should know such fortune
and feel such pleasure
as the treasure
of the warrior of light
who melts the cover of night!

Walk in Faith and Remembrance

January 11, 2011

Cradled in the center
of the turning world
in the warmth of the womb
of all beginnings
infinite paths of streaming light
reach out in flowing radiance
beyond the source of all life

Illuminating ways appear
for us to walk
in grace
to manifest
the love from which we
are have been created
and will be born

A transparent glow invites
our hearts to surrender
to move out and explore
a life to live
envisioned and guided
by the creator
of all becoming

Feelings begin to form
in an innocence
like a child
quietly awakening
in the heart

Something pulls and draws
us on the journey
to follow the light
into the mist
of the unknown
to have the
experience of choosing
to be born

Drawn into the world
and gently nudged
from the nest
we tumble and fall
into life

As the air catches
and carries us
we glide gently
through the light
to discover
who we will become

We walk in gentle faith
and in the peace
of love

and remembrance
is our prayer

power of presence

January 9, 2011

i can look at a billion things
that have fallen into time
gaze in awe
and yet…..
it is this moment
the power of presence
that engages my heart
and moves my soul

this electrifying presence
of awareness and focus
aligning with a creative moment
receptive and open….
receiving… birth………
in the swirling wonder of life-giving breath
the sweet and tender touch of love

we are the flowing creation
of the present moment..
delicate……graceful….powerful…. pure

O the showering beauty of light
melts my words into dew

Oh My Beloved!

January 4, 2011

O My Beloved!
Dance me through
the days and nights of my life!
Sing me to sleep and then arouse me
with the breath of intimacy
that awakens all
that is concealed behind the veil
of my own longings.

Guide me through the trees
and forests
of my slumbering confusion!
Lead me to the shores
of my becoming!
Laugh at my endless questions
and show me how to play
with honor
and reverence
and truth.

Kiss away my tears
and my fears
and hold me until the dawn
sprinkles my room
with pulsing sun stars
and dancing lights
until I taste the dew
of freshly
opened flowers
upon my eager lips.

Help me ride the waves
of life
surging within my soul
rolling out to seek
the open sea
to rise like the mist
and fall again
as rain that fills
the ocean with tears
from love’s tenderness
sliding down
the sky of your face
leaving trails
of moist love
mixing with mine.

Time disappears
when I sense
your breathing
in the room
and feel the touch
of your life
lighting the fuse
of my own.

I hear the simmering
sizzle of fire
and the noisy sparks
consuming all that limits
the flames of love
sharing the air it needs
to blaze into freedom.

Oh my Beloved!
Sweep me into the arc
of the rainbow
with the colors of your love
and beauty
creating transparent wings
and waterfalls
that make
me new each day!

I surrender to the truth
of my love for you
and suddenly
in the flash of a falling
a new reality
surrounds us in
the glory and grace
of heaven.

paintings by Rassouli
The Dance
Gateway to Eternity