Oh My Beloved!

O My Beloved!
Dance me through
the days and nights of my life!
Sing me to sleep and then arouse me
with the breath of intimacy
that awakens all
that is concealed behind the veil
of my own longings.

Guide me through the trees
and forests
of my slumbering confusion!
Lead me to the shores
of my becoming!
Laugh at my endless questions
and show me how to play
with honor
and reverence
and truth.

Kiss away my tears
and my fears
and hold me until the dawn
sprinkles my room
with pulsing sun stars
and dancing lights
until I taste the dew
of freshly
opened flowers
upon my eager lips.

Help me ride the waves
of life
surging within my soul
rolling out to seek
the open sea
to rise like the mist
and fall again
as rain that fills
the ocean with tears
from love’s tenderness
sliding down
the sky of your face
leaving trails
of moist love
mixing with mine.

Time disappears
when I sense
your breathing
in the room
and feel the touch
of your life
lighting the fuse
of my own.

I hear the simmering
sizzle of fire
and the noisy sparks
consuming all that limits
the flames of love
sharing the air it needs
to blaze into freedom.

Oh my Beloved!
Sweep me into the arc
of the rainbow
with the colors of your love
and beauty
creating transparent wings
and waterfalls
that make
me new each day!

I surrender to the truth
of my love for you
and suddenly
in the flash of a falling
a new reality
surrounds us in
the glory and grace
of heaven.

paintings by Rassouli
The Dance
Gateway to Eternity

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