Walk in Faith and Remembrance

Cradled in the center
of the turning world
in the warmth of the womb
of all beginnings
infinite paths of streaming light
reach out in flowing radiance
beyond the source of all life

Illuminating ways appear
for us to walk
in grace
to manifest
the love from which we
are have been created
and will be born

A transparent glow invites
our hearts to surrender
to move out and explore
a life to live
envisioned and guided
by the creator
of all becoming

Feelings begin to form
in an innocence
like a child
quietly awakening
in the heart

Something pulls and draws
us on the journey
to follow the light
into the mist
of the unknown
to have the
experience of choosing
to be born

Drawn into the world
and gently nudged
from the nest
we tumble and fall
into life

As the air catches
and carries us
we glide gently
through the light
to discover
who we will become

We walk in gentle faith
and in the peace
of love

and remembrance
is our prayer

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2 Responses to “Walk in Faith and Remembrance”

  1. Sadiq Alam Says:

    Beautiful blessings of words.

    I so loved the use of the words, “Creator of all becoming” – its like giving God a new name, the Name stays in my heart.

    Love and blessings from the Creator of all becoming.

  2. Naomi Stone Says:

    We walk in faith and remembrance in many ways, and it moves me to know you have wandered through my prayer.

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