Warrior of Light

Love may come quietly
like the fog
or as a sudden bolt of lightning
in a flash
or as a hidden dance
behind rippling veils
of beauty
as the pure sound of a flute
in the wind
or in a face we have long forgotten

Love may appear
in the child we protect within us
or in the dream of a mother
who turned us away
or one who refused to set us free

Love may be like the lover
sent to prepare the way
for the beloved

Love will rarely come as we expect
which may mean
rudely breaking down doors
refusing to knock
whisking us from our routines
and tearing away
our carefully conceived
hiding places
leaving us exposed
to the beloved’s gaze

The warrior of love carries a sword
that penetrates all barriers
traveling at the speed of light
may come at dawn
or midnight
and slip into your heart
when you gasp
with secret delight

Longing for the beloved
is a dangerous game
that will strip your name
bar your fame
bewilder you with surprise
kiss the streaming tears
from your eyes
and never leave a trace
of where or who
you once were

O that you should know such fortune
and feel such pleasure
as the treasure
of the warrior of light
who melts the cover of night!