Who are you creating?

Deep within us are the clues and codes
of the desires of our heart

the beauty of soul

the beloved that we long to know

we weep over the beloved
that lovers see
we long and pray
and cry out to discover
the one whose glance
will know and embrace all that we are
sweep us into the heightened
life of love beyond
the limits of self

when the light of the infinite
surrounds us
however it comes
we melt into the mystery
of forgetting
our endless seeking
and see beauty everywhere

lovers are the luckiest fools
that walk the earth
for heaven opens with every step
with every touch
and suddenly their wings
grace the skies
of the soul

words pour like wine
from lips
that offer a kiss
in every breath
and open arms feel
the reach that encircles
the world

the sacred heart expands
to know that
every human heart
a lover longs to be free
to unfold and reveal the face
and form of the infinite beloved
that dwells within

creation falls around lovers
like a waterfall
showering rainbows
on the world

love rises in intensity
and then rests and dreams
arising again
to run
into the outstretched
arms of dawn
to discover how love will create
and express them
in this precious moment
of morning