changing face of the beloved

The storm rages across the heartland blowing snow into swirling white waves, looking like white mist curling off the great waves of the ocean as drifts pile up and the sidewalk disappears, and the land is changed by the energy and fierce pressure in the storm system.

Temperatures drop and the same wind bringing news of the beloved that can be so gentle now stings against the face and skin.

There is a fury in it that I marvel at when I watch it or go out in it trudging in the snow, as my feet disappear in white and it threatens to cover everything in sight.

Change is the one certainty, and I want to see all the faces of the Creator,
even the face that whips the ocean into turbulence and foam, and the land into ice and snow.
Underneath it all is the gentle beauty of spring, and behind the threatening grey sky is the sun waiting to melt it all away, to uncover the treasures of life.

There is a trust I feel, a faith that guards my joy in the difficult times, an inner knowing that the warmth of love is not seasonal, but is always fresh and new in the ways the hidden beauty comes in quiet blossoming and warms my heart.

Something in it survives to appear again, and it is all the sweeter because it was gone for a while.

Using a pen…the ink flows onto the white page……. letting my fingers touch the keys sends living words and images to the white screen….an impulse that sends
an energy from my heart that is more powerful than any storm.

i marvel at all the ways we touch through vision…fingers…hands….scent….sound….taste….and breath…..
the simplest thing can become a multi-dimensional experience
and love is the reach that bridges the illusion of distance
that we think separates us from each other.

Another kind of storm rages in Egypt as the people claim their right to freedom
and storm against oppression…….
something arises within all life to move toward the fullness
of expression……the urge to experience this beauty we have been given.

Oh we do need lovers and listeners and those who create
and invite others to feel the wonder of it all!

We need the roar of the lion and the warbling of the nightingale smitten with the rose, and the lamb that lies down and cuddles against the softness of the ewe,
the cattle that push together in the storm to share the warmth of each other
going into their own kind of zone to endure and survive….to remember warmth.

The whole world is here in my arms held next to my heart in this moment….
because it is all a precious expression of the beloved.

Every microscopic particle…every cell….every spark is brought to life by
the whispering breath of the lover!

All is well in the new world being born in this moment
here in the heartland!

a new world awaits us at dawn!