The Friend

The Friend

i met the soul in the beauty of the visions
the friend creates
roused from sleep and sweet remembrance
painting tapestries of timelessness
the friend
came rushing into my life
like the storm that changes the face of the land
like rumi
with his thousands of verses
flashing swords and singing instruments
the songs of lovers
spilling as steaming tears from the sun
into an ocean of light

rumi swept us into the storm
of a changing world
and we were changed by the spirit
of dancing energy
and the deep pulsing of hearts that throb
with the rhythm of the sounds of life
that could not truly be named or tamed
a runaway flood of reeling
and feeling
a falcon with spreading wings casting shadows
over a world unfurled
to hearts filled with wine forever running over
into rivers tinged with crimson red
from the bleeding hearts
of lovers
empowered by love and igniting a blaze
in a haze of inner fire and desire

we soared through the open door
where the sweetest mystics meet and soar
and knew we were meeting more
than we had ever known before
in the realm
and domain of the soul

enter the gentle voice of hafiz
breathing us
as the freshness and playfulness
of the beauty of new life
and pure love
a beggar and a singer of songs
a face reflected in the wine
a poet of the hidden kingdom
that sailed
on the crescent moon guided by the light
of the love
from our mesmerized eyes
drunk on fun
and foolishness
we were blessed beyond measuring
this enchanting friend

disciples of soul came clothed
in the creativity of stories
sharing their lives and dreams and journeys
drawn into caring and sharing
through the heart
clearing a path where words became
a beacon of light
shining out across the sea
toward new life forever changing
its face and form
singing a song of forgetting
that allows
for something new to be born

as soon as the beauty appeared
we washed it away with the force and pull of power
that let the winds of the kingdom flower
and blow the seeds beyond the clutches of time
into the dust of centuries
and we would reach for a new story
a new vision
a new way of expressing
something that would not die

the greatest story ever told is one
that never ends
shared by friends
who are rich and real alive and true
creating a tapestry of moonlight and stars
and light that explodes into colors
across the sky
never wondering why
as they decorate the earth
with cascading waterfalls
that vanish
into rainbows
faces that change in the gaze of love
time that melts
in the flames of desiring and admiring eyes
drawing us into a new way of being
and seeing that is freeing
and willing us
to invent and circumvent
whatever stifles the chance to dance and live
a life that invites and incites and excites
us to be more than before
or to be blessed with less to want to explore
all that is possible for us to feel
to be alive and real
to increase our range to change
and allow what is happening now
in this sizzling explosion of imploding stars
as particles of God become planets
and suns
and shepherds and leopards
servants and kings
and rings of fire
rain and chains of eclectic genetic spires
that will become something we have never ever seen
until a tiny seed falls into our dream
and grows
and blows away who we have been
to see who we can be
if we let love have its way
with every dawn and each new day
that calls us to come and play
and let our fears dissolve into tears
that make room for joy
and falling down laughter
that follows after
the sorrow

for the beloved we simulate
and create
comes from the breath
of tomorrow
and connects us
to never and forever

if we are willing to dive into the thrilling promise
of this shifting moment of now
and the countless faces and spaces
and graces of the friend

the song of love
sings of life that will
never end