The Greatest of These is Love

The rhythms of the heart
are unique
like our fingerprints
and our longings carve
the paths we take
along the river banks
winding across
the face
of the landscape
of our lives.

Our hopes and dreams
our stifled screams
the sound of our voices
the costumes we wear
our wounds and pain
all determine our choices
and help to tell our story
along the way.

We leave markings and forms
places and faces
titles and names
we carefully weave
an identity
so someone
beneath the sun
might know who we are.

Life is rarely like we thought
it would be
for creation can easily
clear all that defines us
in the sweeping winds
of a storm.
So it sometimes
we are beams of light
into the distance
before our eyes.

We wonder why we are here
fend off our mounting fears
hide the tears
that well up in our eyes
and take us
by surprise
bringing a strange
as it all seems
to be slipping away.

We decorate our life
with bits of color
and shiny foil
like birds building a nest
and in the end
we are laid to rest
and life goes on without us.

When we survey and count the days
and the dollars and friends
we’ve made
who do we claim that we are?
Jesus dared to ask
those who walked with him,
who do you say
that I am?

The river keeps on flowing
and we
are caught
in the current
that carries us along
and on some unknown day
empties us all
into the sea.

When I ponder
what my life has been
and all that I could name
to claim
to prove that I was here
a flood of feeling
breaks open the treasures
of my heart.

The secret measure
of my life comes
pouring out
like silver waterfalls
and falling stars
and flares
of flashing light
like a blazing sun.

Precious faces
in sacred places
stand along the shore
and wave.
They hold the beauty
of all the endearing hearts
I have known
and loved
and sometimes cared for
even more
than my own.

I am the sum total
of all
I have loved
and just how much
and how deeply
creates their meaning to me
in the curves of my

Little else seems to define
who I am
no matter how long
the list of credits
might be
for the person who once was me
is measured by how free
I am to love thee

Every hour and every moment
that I live
is like a showering
rain of the flowering gift
and grace
of every heart
and soul
I am blessed to love.

We belong to a flowing
kingdom of life
emerging from the Source
who gave us all
this amazing chance
to experience
what it means to love
as the beloved loves
to be real
and to laugh
to dance and share
the sweetest ecstasy
of becoming
a precious part
of the shining glory
of being perceived and conceived
and created in the heart.