My Beloved is a Sea of Beauty

My dearest Love
that fills the sea and sky,
drawing beauty from a flower
with a sigh,
slipping from my lips as a sudden cry
or a murmured prayer.

Whether I die or grow into more
than before,
it is only through
your immensity
and breath of intimacy,
that I thrive in this turning world,
a life unfurled
and unraveling in light,
feeling helpless in your sight
that sweeps over all that I am
in a single gaze
leaving me shivering in the night,
so small and insignificant
before a Love so vast,
so infinite and magnificent,
yet tender and gentle as you touch
my longing heart
calling forth a flooding sweetness
I cannot explain.

I settle in your arms
of sensuous rain and quiet laughter,
overwhelming love
that follows after
the weeping ecstasy of all
I feel for thee.

Your rays create gardens and lands
mountains and rivering streams,
astounding dreams
and towering trees
bearing fruit and shade
giving me a place to rest
as you tend to birds in flight
learning to spread their wings
and watch over tiny things that crawl
in the grass
tickling my toes in the spring.

My heart is torn open by your nearness
as you bless my hesitance
feeling undeserving of divine
you soothe my reticence
kiss away my doubts
and tears of gratitude,
transforming my attitude
of unworthiness
with echoes of kindness.

I am humbled
by your creative beauty again
and again and again,
shocked and surprised at the way
you form a universe
and then swirl in a dancing wind
to caress me with a ray
of morning sun.
O my beloved One,
I am undone!

That One so great as you
should care
for all you create the way you do
is a miracle that manifests
within my throbbing heart
and fills me with love and joy so deep
I cannot sleep.

I lie here and smile all the while
brimming over with happiness
in the gentleness
of your eternal embrace
in thanksgiving
for your generosity
and the privilege of living
in your grace.