For My Dearest Love and Friend

Dear One…..

Just because you are omniscient
and magnificent
and ever vigilant,
how could we not have known
that you would be playful
and funny
teasing and touching us
in creative ways!

I like to wander in your wonder
and ponder
the clues you leave
wanting us to find you
in fire and ice
and in tiny mice
that scurry across our feet
in such a hurry
we scream
with surprise!

Sorry we chased you away
with a broom.
We didn’t know it was you in all
those disguises,
the lumbering anteater,
the braying elephant,
the chattering
and the house fly that would
not leave us alone!

How could we not have known!

Asleep and dreaming
I saw your face and reached out
to touch you,
awakening with my hand
in the air,
and I could hear you
If we are both human
and divine,
why would you be anything else
but both
when we are made
in your image!

We simply did not know
how infinite your Love truly is
and how quickly
you invent new names
and change places
with countless new faces
to see if we
recognize the delight
in your
laughing eyes!

I dreamed of finding a Love so dear,
but never knew
how truly near you are to me
or what a friend
you can be
in little things
that move my days and nights.
It was you who
helped me up when I fell,
me without a cell phone
to call for help.

I thought
I was so alone!

How thrilling that you
are so willing
to care for every form of life,
to be so sweet
in between painting the sky
and drawing stories
in the stars!
You are always
our thoughtless living
and taking this expanding
universe for granted.

You are my dearest love
and friend,
and if all the words in the world
were placed end to end,
I would still have to sing my songs
each morning to thee
to praise and celebrate
all you create
and tell you
how much you mean to me!

You are not just a part
of my life,
you are my heart
and soul and mind and breath,
my whole identity
on earth or above!
You are my dearest love
and friend!

Drawing by Dan Stone (c)

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