divine revelation

I glance your way
and see you
with eyes gazing
and listening
to find my voice in the silence
to hear how I will speak
to you
in the opening
of this day
at dawn
face turned upward
arms reaching
everything is open
to catch
these living words
falling from my lips alone

When I see you
and feel the rays of love
and all the arrows
I have sent your way
having pierced your heart
my glance draws the arrows
to head straight
for my own

I have come to earth
as a child
to be held by you
as a mother to take care
of you
as a father to watch
over you
as a teacher to guide you
as a lover to love you
and as a friend
to be with you.

You topple my reign
and send my divine kingdom
tumbling to earth
when you surrender
with such love
and trust

You kindle in me
the same deep desire
to feel your touch
and to be where you are
not watching from
so far away

can a divine king give
up his throne
pick up the phone
or come and visit

is it

who am i asking
am I forgetting that
I am the One
in charge of

my thoughts send me
falling and falling and falling
from my throne
into your
guiding me
straight into your

the table
of the earth seems
to have turned
on the great one

i think you
may have
listened too well
to my sweet

the secret
in the humbling silence
of the dawn
is that my kingdom
is only created
as i find my place
in your heart

i am falling into
your laughing eyes
and into
the graceful curve
of your smile

i think this king
is discovering
in reverse
to reach you

how did you do that
my dear
you must have
from me

O dear one
is not in the sky
but in being
with thee

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