Mystery of the Universe

This stunning visual expression entitled the “Mystery of the Universe,” sends me spinning. For me, it becomes a metaphor for abiding side by side, dwelling in the creative explosion of life around us, co-existing in our own beauty and our own wholeness, reflecting and celebrating the creation of life, expanding in our love for each other without clinging or holding on, without judging, without trying to control another or without trying to steal the gift of our freedom to live in the creative currents of love in our own unique way of living in the world.

I felt moved to invite you to enter into the painting, to step through the veil of mystery, to make a pilgrimage into a journey of wonder and beholding, and see where it takes you. The music of love in my own heart is my muse and my guide.
Let it become a point of meditation and feel it come to life in your own imagination and longings. Let it ignite and inspire an opening in your own journey to explore the the unknown dimensions of your deeper self.

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