Clearing a space for my heart songs

As the page opens for a new expression, my heart beats faster, and I feel Love come flying with outstretched wings, responding to my heart so open to the Beloved. I am circling in the alchemy of Love!!
I tuck my songs away like love notes, not feeling quite free to share them in a public square. Yet, I try to witness to the miracle of all that awaits our discovery if we dare to enter the mystery of the secret places where we hide what is most precious to us.
I sometimes write ecstatically of transcendent moments and encounters and share how I am lifted into beauty and intimacy and breath that resurrects me, some find it inspiring, some have no idea what a mystic is, think I am delusional, and some think I need to go on medication to calm me down. Depending on the day, I might laugh, and sometimes I cry, wondering why anyone would want to try and stifle a person’s joy.

We turn to music, we sing, we run, we dance, we sculpt, we paint, we read, we go to movies, out to dinner, talk to trees, lie in the grass and watch the birds in flight and the changing face of the clouds, drifting and dreaming. We seek renewal and the joy of creating all manner of things, and we risk sharing what is most dear to our hearts, thinking those who care about us will be glad to know the wonder of loving so deeply. Not always true.

I am the first to acknowledge that when we are sad or upset or afraid about something, we don’t seem open to Joy in our face. We just want to be left alone.
I just hope that one day we might all feel the sweet moments of touching and being touched heart to heart. I treasure the relationships I have with open hearts. I am deeply grateful for that sacred encounter, whenever it happens.

I am laughing, because I am testing myself to see if I can stay grounded and write about what renews me, lifts me, transforms me, about how tenderness sweetens my
disposition and my nature, my countenance! Lift a cool drink to my lips and share it with me. Place your lips on the lips of the glass next to mine. Sometimes a word takes on a life of its own, and it fills my room. Sometimes a song makes its way from across the world and circles around me like embracing arms. I can hear laughter in the dark, and it brings delight that keeps a vigil through the night. I can feel the warm tears streaming down my face from someone else’s eyes a thousand miles away. I am anointed by them.

I see and feel the light shining out from your soul, and I lose my mind over the beauty of who you are hiding inside. I do it too. I hide. I am just like you in so very many ways, and I see the sudden flashes of ways you are like me, and I want to run up and hug you and tell you who I am. I see how different we are, and who we are not, and I delight in the sweet rain of you washing over me, anointing me, feeling your belovedness.

I hope its all right that I love you. It opens my heart and sets me free to love you so. I will try to be quiet about it. I love to whisper, because I have to get close enough so my lips touch your ear.


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