The sacred invitation

There is a sacred code
a deeply personal clue within
your own sacred existence
a vibration
a divine impression
beyond the veil
of where
God has been
and left
a living essence
of divine emanations
to align you
and guide you into an expanse
where you will feel
in a profound way
that this
is a space where you have
been before
somehow connected
to the source from which you
have come.

Allow total silence to settle
around you
and allow this solitude
to resonate
deep within you
to prepare the way
for your entry
into this passage.

No one in the world
knows the key
to open the sacred receptors
to the sanctuary
of your heart
except God alone
as a personalized presence
no one can explain.

It is a holy covenant
between you
and your Creator.

No one knows the hour
or the moment
of the opening of your
except the God
who has created you.

When this opening happens
within you
your heart will feel
a transforming experience
of pure
and holy innocence
and overwhelming
and everything in you
will be drawn and attracted
and bewildered
and aligned with it.

A thousand thoughts
and imitations
and false visions
will attempt to lure you
and seduce you
and seek to control you
in this world
but only One
is real and true
who knows your heart
like no other.

Only the pure love of God
will create
a space for your
and will open the way
for Love
that is eternal.

The moment
of divine recognition
will only come
when you say yes
to God
to live the precious life
you have been given
in the holy light
of divine Love.

Many compassionate souls
keep a vigil of love
praying for your
supporting and comforting
and encouraging you
the moment
of your surrendering.

The divine opening
is a sacred encounter
with God
that is yours alone
and sealed in a divine code
hidden within
your heart.

It has been written in holy fire
with the finger
of God
and no one can
steal it or interfere with it
for it is untouchable
and concealed in
a holy cloud
of divine obscurity.

When you truly surrender
and yield
all that you are
to the divine presence
of this great Love
an inner sun arises
into a clarity
that allows the Light
of revelation
to flood
and illuminate
your entire being.

This is a moment of grace
and gift that marks
the beginning
of a life of creative love
and empowerment
to assist all other beings
in the world
to awaken to the life
each was meant to live
in the ways given
and developed in you
to share.

What develops you
and unfolds in your life
from this moment on
will be an ongoing stream
of revelations
from this holy exchange
that will guide you
through the irrevocable power
of Love
to align with your Creator
as your reason
for being.

Love will rush to assist you
whenever you call
or raise your voice in prayer
or lift your thoughts
in silence to God
as they are transmitted
by Divine Will
the eternal flow
of Love
emanating from
your surrendering

You have been granted
freedom to respond
and say yes
to Love
or to refuse it.

The choice is yours.

One Response to “The sacred invitation”

  1. Shabana Says:

    thanks! so true!!!

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