When I awaken

O fountain of eternal life!
Would that we could reach to the peak
of infinity and raise our arms in praise to create
an image of a sea of arms reaching for thee,
loving you, celebrating you,
that You would see how our hearts
and souls are filled with your very own longing
to love and care for us.
Sometimes, we are like the waving grain
in the fields weaving in the wind
in golden tribute to you,
and sometimes we are as nothing
in a universe of such immensity,
like little things crawling in the grass,
and yet you love us
as if our beauty shines beyond
all that exists.

Who are we that you would be mindful of us?
It is a question we ask in the night
since the beginning of time!
And we wonder who are you that has created
such mystery, such variety, such color,
such brilliance that you could place
a particle of your being within us
that we might grow from your seed.

May we be fertile ground for your plantings.
May we be a tear from your sadness
a drop in your ocean,
a single note in your divine song
singing out across
the universe.
May we be a rumble in your thundering greatness,
a spark in your fire,
a breath in your eternal life.
It would be everything to ascend
into your arms
as Spirit that expands to meet you.
There is nothing that you
cannot do or be
or create.

Wash away our smallness of mind
when we think this world revolves around us
and our little wants and needs.
Blow our selfishness into the dust
and help us grow to allow your
magnificent love to guide us.
Expand our spirits to flow with your own.
Breathe us into the miracle
of companionship to somehow be a tiny
comfort to you in your infinite vigil
to keep our world in balance…
as we follow you in our human eagerness
to know you and be with you
in your divine company.

Loving you is the stream of life
that sustains me
that allows me the privilege and honor
of drawing on your great love
to feel how you love us,
as it circles through us and returns to you.
This cycling current I feel is your gift
to let us taste the divine overflowing
of your perfection.

It is humbling and exalting to know
you care for us so.
My spirit grows like an eternal fountain
reaching for you.
May my rising and reaching meet
and touch you
in the falling rain and become sacrament
to shower and bless the earth
and all you create.


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    now it worked!!!

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