Oh Beloved One

Oh Beloved One

I want no world without
Your Love,
for anything less
is merely illusion,
an empty shadow on the wall.

I want no fame,
no great success
in the sight of others,
except through the gaze of Love
that renews and restores
my heart and soul
to dwell in the Spirit
of Your Love.

You lift me from the ruins
and the echoes
of a life
I once tried
to build on my own,
and You breathe
new life and the beauty
of spring
into my weary heart,
which is weakening
with the slightest thought
of ever being
without Your Love
for a single

I stand before the heavenly
choir of angels
in the rays of light
streaming from Your Life,
and kneel down on the green
earth among
the wildflowers I love,
remembering You,
and I surrender
my heart once again
into Your
Loving Care.

Your intimate nearness
floods my being
with Your divine life
and a silence
falls over the universe
in the paradise
of Your Love.

You are the destination
of my journey,
the priceless treasure
of my pilgrimage.
As my grateful tears fall
upon your feet,
I dry them with
my hair,
and I am anointed
by your gracious

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