Joy beyond the sadness and the pain

When the world we have known
comes crashing
down around us in ruins,
and all that seemed secure
is torn away and changed
beyond our knowing,
there is a secret place
where we go
to renew
to touch the Source
of all Joy,
a remembrance
of a Love that opens
a passage to a garden that
grows from seeds
of purity

Something deep inside
remembers our innocence
and saves the beauty
for us to rediscover the power
to create
a garden from which Joy
can grow again.

The forms and fruit that grow
reveal a face
we may not know at first,
but when it sprouts
and blossoms
beneath our hands,
we feel the power of hope
dancing its way
into our open hearts.

There is something within us
that is never lost
waiting like a treasured friend
to smile upon us,
and we water the garden
with our tears,
and in the night
we hear the laughter
pushing its way
through winter ground.

All we love is archived
in our hearts
flowing in the streaming rivers
that awaken in the spring
renewing and touching
the seeds from which we grow again
waiting for us to discover
a very precious love
that never dies.

This is our moment of renewal
our renaissance
the resurrection of our innocence
the revelation of beauty
and the gift of life itself,
more precious than we ever knew
until we thought we lost it.

Joy is a spring of the sweetest
and purest water we know
and we hold the chalice
in our hands
and drink gratefully
from the well
of Love which runs free
and forever.

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