A Serenade of Love

I had a waking dream where I could feel my spirit ascending and could see the beauty of paradise with the eyes of my soul and was overwhelmed with the Light and all that Divine Love has prepared for us. I was at the threshold of the house of the Beloved, and I was suddenly filled with a longing to experience it with all those I love.
I felt the anguish of those who were caught in a darkness of isolation and despair, and I knew I was meant to share how the Joy of this new world is for all of us!

We come into this world and awaken to a life of discovery! Sometimes visions can give us a glimpse of what is possible, and I saw the dancing spirits of every single life spiraling into the sweetness and creative peace that Love can give.

What would paradise be if it were not shared….no matter how we view or imagine it individually in our minds!

Perhaps we linger and hover at the entrance….until we can find a way to envision it together and help to create an expansive heart space for all life….for only then can we surrender to a love large and pure enough to guide and prepare the way for us all!

Life is more precious than we have allowed our selves to truly feel!!

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