a mystical garden of love

come to the garden

flute music is playing
sounding like nightingales singing
answering each other
pure tones floating out over the garden
soothing and peaceful
a quiet timeless place of healing
sweet nectar

what is past is past
and now i am drawn to peace
to sharing the vibrations of love
however they most naturally come
flowing through my heart and soul
those who are open to it
will be drawn
attracted to the essence
and we will flow in the same stream
rivers of light
flowing to and from
the sea of light

time to embrace the truth
of the gift of my own creative power
listening and loving
like light dancing on the water
a lightness of being
ways to balance the suffering
that comes with loving

pain and suffering and tears come
as a part of loving deeply
i accept that
i am enlarged by loving
yet Love is vigilant and compassionate
and does not need
to take on the choices of others
to love them purely and well

i feel what others feel when i love
yet the beloved guides me
to the cooling beauty of the moonlight
glistening from the streams flowing
through the garden

the beloved guides the opening
and loosening of the petals
of the bud of the heart
swaying to the heart music
the singing of the songs
to hold a place for others to come
and be refreshed
in the garden of love

when the weary warriors come to rest
someone needs to tend the garden
to keep the candles burning
to keep the music playing
so they can find their way home
to a sheltering and welcoming place

soothing fingers on the brow
a cool drink
a warm heart and a soft lap
a silent soul
a listening presence

the fragrance of blossoming flowers
float on a gentle breeze
subtle and sweet
in this secret garden for lovers

i have journeyed long and far
to find my place in the sun
to reflect the light in the moon and the stars
and my path has led me here

Love is a welcoming embrace
open arms
a space to rest
heart to heart
and soul to soul


2 Responses to “a mystical garden of love”

  1. Alka Pandya Says:

    Love is the retreat of all anguish.. the harshness of every emotion, experience eventually leads one to the ultimate truth .. how beautifully expressed.. for even when the body becomes still and the breath ceases Love dominates our existence in what we leave behind… only Love.. Naomi, you are a very beautiful soul.. wonderful to have come by you.. Lots of Love n Hugs…

  2. Naomi Stone Says:

    My dear Alka,
    Thank you for visiting my garden and for your kindness. I listened to your flute music this morning. It is like a divine bird twittering joy!
    You can bring your generous heart to my garden anytime!!
    Love, Naomi

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