Spring comes through the heart

Must I wait for the seasons to turn
to experience spring
in the endless gray of winter
with its dirty snow and soggy leaves
muddy rivers
yesterday’s wrappers
and bottle caps
cigarette tips tossed carelessly
on the lawn
beneath the crystal snow
sneering at lovers of beauty
from unknown lips
of addiction

O Heart! Help me blossom
with the remembrance of beauty
within you
summon the beloved
to fly to my side
and wrap me in the softness
of roses
on this dark winter night
Fill my arms with the glory
of the presence
of light
and the treasures
buried in your chest of gold.

What visions have you hidden away
to give me wings to see
this dreary day
in a new and joyful way

Send a cleansing rain
to cause the rivers to rise
and cover
our careless trail
of junk that steals the scent
of your sweet breath
of spring

Help us give up having
and discover the thrill of giving
the wonder of living
that renews itself
and yields its fruits for everyone

O Heart! Open the coffers
stuffed with storage
the warehouses filled
with worn out toys
and the endless need of little boys
for more
and clip the curls of little girls
that entice us to keep
them happy and become a slave
to their wants and wishes

O Heart! Bring spring into this soul
once more
and fling open the door
raise the windows
and invite the fresh air
of the beloved into
our home!

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