The Breath of the Spirit

When I search for thee
feeling the heaviness of the world
and hearing the cries
of humanity
searching for a word
of comfort in the night
I feel the gentle breath
of thy Spirit
brush past my face
stirring within my longing heart
and I know you are near
that you are always here.

Recognition flares in the love
that surrounds me
with a beauty I cannot write
filling the endless night
with the light
of your sweet Spirit
that breathes for me
when I am
aching for so many
who need you so.

You are everywhere in the beauty
of the earth and sky and sea
and dwell within us
in your countless hidden ways,
yet the cries of the people
grow louder
calling for help
and I long for them to know you
to discover the Friend
you send
as you whisper
your peace
guiding the encircling arms
of your Spirit to hold us close.

I awaken in the silence
needing your touch
and loving you so much
I reach out for you
through the cloud of sleep
and feel the rush
of wind as you take
my hand
and the scent of spring
like lilacs in bloom
fills the room
with joy.

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