Blessed Lord, My Heart, My Soul

There are times the words of my songs
seem to flow
from different languages
different voices
and I know my Beloved is listening
to His people around the world
loving and hearing
their prayers and the cries
into what seems like an endless night.

They flow through me
like rivers of Love
named in the homelands
of hearts
in the deserts
the mountains and valleys
the plains and prairies
the paths where restless feet
have walked calling for the One
they long for in their hearts
searching and seeking
for Home.

Recognition issues forth
like a spring of clear water
washing away what clouds our vision
bringing remembrance of the great
arms that hold us close
to a Sacred Heart
that quiets our own.

I sometimes give my voice away
to the Spirit
to pray for divine intentions
and for a Will
much higher than my own

I cannot know
God’s sovereign Will for everyone
and I cannot hear
every prayer
pouring out from every soul

I sing of Love that softens
the heart to open
to the Beloved
a greater Heart fashioned
after the Creator
that empowers and guides
our lives
if we surrender
to the Light that illuminates
the way to freedom
that only Love can give.

One more night and one more prayer
one more dawn and one more song
one more day
and one more chance
to say I love you
and to walk in joy
for all you do and give us
for every blessing
and forgiveness
for generosity
and compassion
for mercy
and the tender touch
that frees us.

I plead for the ignorant
and those who are so afraid
and for every offense
committed against
your Sacred Presence here with us.
May all awaken to know
and realize
the great Love in the eyes
that watch over us.
May every heart surrender
to the flowing beauty of your
endless Grace.

2 Responses to “Blessed Lord, My Heart, My Soul”

  1. Jim Rotsaert Says:

    I’m so impressed by the openess of your heart to the flowing beauty of God’s grace

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