Meet you in the stars

Everything is pointing
toward the stars.
There is no spring,
no leaves,
no blossoming beauty.

Out of the darkness we rise
and grow toward
the sky
of the unknowable,
the mystery
which keeps us
feeling alive and awake,
excited about
something new
that is out of reach.

Pray to continue
to invent
more unanswerable
that will insure
you never settle
into the certain death
of thinking you know
anything at all.

For me, the Beloved
is the ultimately
unknowable one,
the intimate
nearness of the mystery
that opens my eyes,
my heart
and stirs my soul.

I will be forever
for the limitless Beloved
the depths of beauty
and singing the joy
of awakening
to such creative power,
moment by moment
by moment.

4 Responses to “Meet you in the stars”

  1. Alka Pandya Says:

    The Dream to travel in corridors of light, no beginning, no end..a travel towards and upwards through the streamers of Love.. each one embracing me and leaving me astounded… how beautiful Naomi… i love this travel.. Love n Hugs…

    • Naomi Stone Says:

      The unlimited depths of envisioning and experiencing an infinite Beloved is the most overwhelming, most life-changing, and hopeful encounter of this incredible journey for me. Words and images and expressions can only be a glimpse of all that is possible within this expanding embrace.
      How wonderful that you are open to feel the touch and Presence of such a Beloved, who dares to love us so profoundly, so perfectly, and so intimately.
      It is my prayer for every heart. New worlds, new dimensions, new revelations open in the surrendering to such a dazzling and bewildering Beloved! The promises and possibilities are truly infinite.

      Love to you, Alka.

  2. gail mae ferguson-maceda Says:

    Absolutely profoundly beautiful!

  3. Amy Says:

    I came upon your site through serendipity!
    Such gifts! For the eyes, for the mind – and more so, for the heart.
    Thank you! ❤

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