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Befriending my heart

April 27, 2011

beyond name, beyond place, beyond time
i circle thee in solemnity and joy
and feel how touchable you are
for right here and right now
when i come in love
all else fades away

worry floats beyond the concerns
of a restless mind

and when i try
to describe and inscribe
your name upon my heart
you are already
wondrously there
listening and christening my life
into being
and i can’t keep from seeing
how every breath
already flows smoothly
and secretly with your own

the pilgrimage to name you
or to build a sacred shrine
that will prove your existence
is my subsistence
tumbles and crumbles
disappearing like a falling star
that leaves a trail of light
so bright
in the night
the very sight
becomes a testament
to the moment
of your visions before my eyes
revealing the beguiling way
you appear
in all i see and say
in the twilight
and dawn of every day

when i pray
you take my hand and play away
my every question
until I forget what I asked
and I hear your laughter
and feel the fun
in all that you create
and know the love arising
within my heart
is your surprising spirit
never apart
or away from my own

the astounding truth is
that there is no end
to the truth of the friend
who takes my hands
warms my heart
appears in my dreams
as we write our endless stories
through the centuries
and across the sky
watching the words wash away
in the rain
keeping our secrets
even when we explain
that this
is what lovers do

it is true

no trail is left to follow
even among a million faces
there are no traces
of a life with no ending
no explanation
of the emanations of love
in the sweet grace of befriending
and the fine art
of pretending
just for fun
in the warmth of the sun

our smiles stretch and expand
across the land and across the sea
from here to eternity
making infinity real
as something we feel inside

dream the life you long to live
and create the rest
as you go along

the miracle of this present moment
will never come to an end
with the friend

Image: painting by rassouli
painting: Portrait of Hafiz, fourteenth century mystic
entitled: Merit of Patience

Blessed is the wounded heart

April 25, 2011

Our wounded
and bleeding hearts
become a soft
and open place for love
to form new growth
that blossoms
into the many petals
of the rose

Seized by Unceasing Love

April 22, 2011

to be seized by a Love
that will never
let go
is a wondrous captivity

we spring from an eternal flow
and fall
into a rushing river
of no return

forever is a word
we use
but a concept
in which we drown

love surrounds and overwhelms
stuns us
into surrender
and sets us free

every moment a revelation
of discovery
and what it truly means
to be alive

only the Beloved loves us
in the clarity
and shimmering freshness
of morning dew

awakens and opens
our hearts
to feel the glance
that makes everything new

light beams that dance
off the moon
and become the stars
in our eyes

only the Beloved turns
the twilight
into a setting sun
for everyone

enchanting us to follow
a song of silence
along a hidden path
to infinity

grinning through clouds
and rainbow mist
we are kissed
by a laughing lover

who disappears in a storm
making us tremble
in the thunder
and whirling winds

then lifts us ever so gently
and lays us
on soft clouds of light
after the rain

only the beloved reveals
what tenderness
truly means
in forming a soul

the beloved is the unknown
touching and teasing
slipping away
wanting to play

We are blessed with the bliss
of a transforming kiss
and nothing is sweeter
than this

A flashing moment

April 21, 2011

If you could travel and explore
the center of the universe
would you go

If you were offered a glimpse
into the origins of all life
would you look

If you could spread the unseen
wings of spirit and freedom
would you fly

If you could experience the creative
and centering power of the heart
would you open to it

If you could feel the flow of light
and radiant love in every cell
would you surrender to it

If you could love the entire universe
right from where you are
would you do it

If you were empowered to co-create
a life of love and joy and kindness
would you share it

If you knew that you create your
own reality and experience
what would you change

Listen to the whispering of your heart
and breathe the pure air
of beauty there

Mystical Silence of Truth

April 21, 2011

There are no words large enough
for the mystical silence
that surrounds my life
flowing through the manifestations
appearing in the colors
flashing within
a deep rich darkness
that saves a place for my
deepest moments

Leaving cloud trails
around the earth
misty vapors left from tears
forever breathing
that springs from
the brushing touch
of spirit in flight

My open heart feels your
mystical silence
flavored with
the sweet honey and spices
and swirling colors
of your dreams
seeking form

Only infinity wraps itself
around our journeys
into spirit
forever expanding
streaming in the unseen
glory of the light

The heart bleeds from
wandering into
unhealed places of
other hearts
and dies a thousand human
deaths until remembering
life again and again

How many incarnations
will we create as
we tenderly embrace
our longings to be
what we have never
been before in
this spinning existence

Perhaps the endless cycles
and dimensions
are floating remnants
of other worlds
where we have been
and earth is our paradise
we fail to recognize

The Wonder of it All!

April 20, 2011

This is a day
I feel I am drowning in images
and in the vast love of the Beloved,
and the images and words are coming faster
than I can process or express my feelings about anything.

The silence overtakes me,
and I find my self transfixed by
the overwhelming and surrounding
cloud of beauty and grace that is everywhere!

Robe of Majesty

April 17, 2011

when the winds of heaven
loosen the robe of the universe

beauty blinds the eyes
and opens the hearts of lovers

to waves of explosiveness
words could not express

invisible worlds arise from
expanding skies

stars mingle with falling moons
and whirling suns

earthquakes split the earth
sending fire in the air

white hot sizzling sparks scattering
and blazing everywhere

lightning flashing and streaking
and splintering apart

colors splattering and dripping
from the earth

and the rains come and cool
the steaming stream of life

as visions form and flourish
before our eyes

heart to heart to heart to heart

April 16, 2011

Ultimately, we discover the lovers connected by the Beloved that flow from heart to heart to heart in the intimate circle of the Friends of the Heart where we find those green pastures and still waters and the open sky of the soul where all is healed, and we are embraced in the arms of gentleness and transformed and made new every moment in the spiraling chain of life as emanations of the spirit of love circles and touches, and circles and touches, and circles and touches.. dancing along the line of all opposites helping us recognize and realize the beauty that we are. When that happens the negative voices of the world dim in the light of magnificence of the sweet truth that lives within us and calls us to see and hear and taste and touch a glowing new reality as we breathe the breath of the Divine One. We rediscover innocence and gaze through eyes that envision a new world forever creating new possibilities. A creative Spirit lives within us…..calling us to remember who we truly are…..and to join in the dance.

Share the Joy you know within….the world needs it so. Find a secret corner of the Winehouse and write and write and play and send out love notes to the world, leave them everywhere, suddenly, the light is arising within you, emanations of spirit, like the mist rising from the river, and lights begin to go on in hearts in the quiet of the night and the Beloved finds a home in us. The moment becomes eternal…a spinning dance of beauty that we glimpse when we reach for what is real and true the way we have always known it is meant to be!


April 14, 2011

Millions of faces
created in the dark
greet us
with secret smiles
at dawn

We are dazzled
and bewildered
by the Beloved
the Universe

Names melt
into golden oblivion
and tomorrow
and the sacrament
of each new
eternal moment
belongs to the Beloved

Boundaries fade
and horizons are lost
shores are dissolved
in the sand
as waves
wash them into the sea
so all we can see is Thee

We see
through your eyes
through your lips
discover life
in your heart
and peace
in your soul

And there is no more
once we have been
by your Love

We dance inside
the circle of lovers
to glimpse
the glow
of light reflected
in our eyes

Yet our hearts
are full of remembrance
and our soul
is wrapped
in an embrace
that never ends

Painting by Rassouli
Eternal Annexation

Spinning into Being

April 12, 2011

Touch the impossible
with the envisioning eyes
of the heart

Send us spinning into
a dawn
of new dreams

Color the dark
with the light
of divine imagining

Breathe us into being
in the pathless
prism of the soul

Create a realm
we have never known
or seen before

Leave a trail of tears
along the way
and see what grows

Let laughter
and crazy joy echo
through the halls of silence

Let the whirling beauty
of dancing winds
guide us to freedom