O Heart! Precious Heart!

O Heart! Precious heart!
I listen in this sacred night
immersed in
your surrounding Light
feeling the Holy space
in such a hidden place
where I can awaken and know
the intimate glow
of the Spirit of Love inside

I treasure the flow you impart
to the moving sea of my listening
and my remembrance
of the Source of All Light
that gives flight
to my quiet prayer
and the rolling waves that carry
my secrets out to sea
to be kept by thee

My confessions are blessed
received and heard
and sent on spreading wings
of a great white bird
to be woven into a nest
to a place of rest
on the highest crest
of a mountain peak
that cannot be reached
except by you

The gift of trust comforts
my soul
and guides my days and nights
in countless ways
as You cover me
with the soft shawl
of love
and fill the rooms
of my nature
with sweet solitude

To love you is to love
to expand and rise
and see through your eyes
to gently realize
the divine surprise
of compassionate cries
and caring sighs
for all you create

I am blessed beyond measure
and awaken to tell you so
in the rushing flow
of the life you share
so generously
drawing us in
to the sea of beauty
of your open heart

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